I am anxioous

I had partial neprektomi mei 2017

rcc 3,6 cm on right kidney,first control  3 month atter surgeon was NED( september 2017).

Second control ( february 2018), 9 month after sorgeon (ct scan thorax and abdoment) was NED, but discovered 3 lung nodul, as one 5 mm was benign, 3 mm beinigm too, and one again 2 mm tiny nodul as indeterminate significance, 

today is scedule 3th control, ct scan torax and abdomen, i am anxious about lung tiny nodul 2mm, i pray all is good.


  • stub1969
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    lung nodule

    Several people on here have small nodules that turn out to be nothing.  I totally understand the anxiety that comes with waiting, but with the small size of your original tumor and the other two nodules being benign, my guess is you will be okay.  It's easier said than done, but try to relax.  Soon enough you'll get the news.

    Good luck,


  • CRashster
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    Anxiety is normal

    so are spots on the lungs. You’ll be ok.

  • Viktor sirait
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    i am NED

    thanks Lord.

    today i had meet doctor and I am NED, all of lung nodul is stable.its time to go home to hold my children and my wife.

    i hope all of you will be NED.

  • Viktor sirait
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    Thank you stubn1969 and

    Thank you stubn1969 and Chrashster f

  • jazzgirl
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    Hug them tight

    Viktor, so happy to hear your NED news.  The anxiety comes and goes - holding family members really really helps.  Take care -

  • Allochka
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    These are great news! Another

    These are great news! Another proof that small lung nodules are very common and nothing to worry about unleast they grow.

  • daisybud
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    Great news

    Very happy for you and family!

  • Retcenturion
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    good to hear

    Thank you for the good news. It really never gets old

  • icemantoo
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    Small lung nodules

    They ar usually benign unless they gror between scans and are common whether or not you are in our club.