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Fox Loves You!!!

Karma David and family. So sorry.

I do not remember much of this year. I have failed every treatment when they all used to work. My memory and comprehension have been affected by brain mets. Very forgetful. I don't have a clue to the date.... I am also down about 100 pounds. Extremely weak througout my body.  Arms and hands don't work. This is all 1 finger typing which will take an hour or 2. My walking is ok on level but I need some help on steps. Fortunately I haven't fallen.

I have been able to once again accept the trauma from metastatic cancer. The disease is costing me my life but not this week.  I think people don't really see the physical damage from cancer. The heart, lung, brain, bone, and muscle all get hit with more than they can tolerate creating permanant damage. But sometimes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I will take a month or so and decide on a plan. It will be about QOL not long term survival. I won that game for almost 7 1/2 years!











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Hey  fox-i don't get here often, but--when I do--i always look for you because I so treasure your wisdom, inspiration, and courage. You have helped me more than you could ever realize and more than I can ever adequately thank you. Whatever you do now, do it for you. You've earned that right a million times over.i admire you so much. I also salute Mrs. Fox. You're an awesome couple and are so very loved.


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Hey Fox have known you since 10/2011 still think about Texas Wedge and the rest of the gang from back then.You have beaten this cancer again and again and i have nothing but admiration and respect for you.I will be logging on more often now take care you will always be in my thoughts.Hang Tough big guy.

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Fox, I have been reading Less often here.  Had a rougher year, and could forget a lot of it too.

you are my hero.  I keep so much of your wisdoms written down over these years, and follow your footsteps.  

I give you my best Karma today.  Keep on friend...



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Sending heaps of love, good thoughts and karma your way, Foxy <3

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It's unusual for Fox to go more than a day without checking in, but his last login date was Sunday.  Hope he is just taking a little break and is okay.  


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Fox, thanks for riding point for so many of us for so long. We sure appreciate what you've done, your encouragement, and your teaching us how to think (and not think) about living with cancer. Including a kick in the seat of the pants now and then.

Who knew we'd end up sharing this part of the tour with each other, 'though I'm not sure any of us would've chosen this particular route, given the choice. All the best as you're formulating your QOL plans, whatever form they take.

"Take it easy, but take it" [Woody Guthrie], hugs to Mrs Fox and the little Foxhound. We'll be doing our best to keep the rubber side down.

Much love, Jerzy

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Still thinking of Fox every day and I check to see if there's an update. :-(

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Me too. Would really love to see a post from our Foxy.


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