What happened?

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first, Abuni, and , Amy, you have all my karma. Unbelievable. FLY.

I've done great for a long time. But my cancer continues. Extensive growth, pain, brain tumors, vision, fatique, and comprehension limit everything. My only real goal is to be as pain free and independent as possible from this point on. My body won't quit yet so I push on. Brain dead or not.


Love you guys.




  • JoeyZ
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    Glad to hear from you but

    Glad to hear from you but sorry for what's happening. Hang tough, my favorite warrior. You have been a great example and teacher to us all.

    May you be filled with the peace that passes all understanding as you go forward on your journey. We love you, too.

  • todd121
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    Throughout my years on CSN, your attitude has been such an inspiration to me. You're an embodiment of my favorite quote about attitude by Victor Frankl, "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way."

    I just want to say thank you. You've let me know what is possible in dealing with this damned disease and that has given me hope.

    So glad to see you posting and reading!

    Wishing you well,


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    You're not brain dead....

    because you can still compose a darn good note.  So it takes an effort, but we appreciate hearing from you.

    Watch for a mialing from me.

    Love ya,


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    When I joined this forum on

    When I joined this forum on behalf of my father a month and a half ago, It took me all of a day to discover who the wise alpha dog of this forum is -- It's foxhd!


    I private messaged you that day, and would soon find out via your public messages here that you are experiencing a tough time but let me tell you, I was able to find a wealth of information from you in the forum's search function and I am very thankful for that and thankful for you, fox. 



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    Jab, jab........uppercut.

    Jab, jab........uppercut. Keep fighting buddy!!

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    Hardly brain dead

    Fox, my friend, I know that you are in the fight of your life and seeking pain freedom is your journey; your post clearly does not come across as impacting your brain.

    glad to hear from you 

    ((((((MEGADOSES OF KARMA))))))


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    Fox, you are amazing.  You are the toughest guy I have ever seen.  Keep fighting!!

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    Hearing from YOU now, foxy

    Hearing from YOU now, foxy just made my day!!

    Are you writing us or your wife?

    Know how much we love and care. 

    We're on this journey along side you. 




    Many hugs and best to you and your wife!


  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    Great to hear from you

    Love  and strength from an fan from across the pond

    No doubt the wife and the dog are fussing over you

    best regards to them

    the old friends above have summarisEd everything but I was especially touched by Todd’s message.. summed it very well

    Keep foxing

    with love and immense immense gratitude 


  • gregslovey
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    You have been an incredible voice for those who need it.  Thank you for that from PA.

    This is the hard road now, I wish peace to you during this part of the journey.



  • APny
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    Hardly braindead. You're one

    Hardly braindead. You're one of the greatest voices of sanity and reason on this forum. Thank you for that!

  • Cinnamongirl
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    Good to see

    So glad to see your post! The strength you continue to show all of us coupled with your never ending advice and encouragement amazes me! When I was first diagnosed I thought I was dying and you quickly set me straight! 

    Just wanted to say I love ya and appreciate you so very much!


  • Skagway Jack
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    "Fox Strong"

    Fox, Your strength and endurance is impressive.  Keep on keeping on!  I hope you find some breaks from your pain.  Thanks for keeping us in the loop. 

    You're the man,   Jack

  • ImNotDeadYet
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    Glad you're still with us and

    Glad you're still with us and fighting, Fox. You continue to inspire me every time you post something. Thank you for all you do for us here! I wish you strength and comfort as you continue your fight.


  • DMike
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    Hi Fox, Thinking about you

    Hi Fox, Thinking about you and hoping you're pain free and independent as long as you wish. Peace.


  • marosa
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    How I look forward to see your posts!

    Lee Allen's comment brings a smile to my face when she calls you the "Alpha dog" of this forum, you sure are!  Not one day goes by without me thinking of you and wishing you peace and confort.  Sending you loving thoughts and feeling my heart warm with the inmense gratitute I have for you. Dear Foxy, sometimes we need more than words can say...  Love you

  • Steph85
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    I want to say thank you for

    I want to say thank you for all the advice you've given me in the begining of my journey. You are so loved on here. Your an inspiration. Strong as hell to! Keep fighting the fight and kniw we are on here rooting for you. Take care of yourself and know I'm sending love and all the karma your way ! 


  • Bellafelice
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    You are the BEST

    Fox, you were the first person to help me on here. I cant begin to tell you how much your help meant to me. It is pretty obvious how much you helped so many other people here, and how loved you are. What your brain has forgotten, many people never knew to begin with.

    All fo your good Karma coming back to comfort you at this time. Big healing hugs 

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    My Foxy! Did you say brain

    My Foxy! Did you say brain dead? If that is what you call it then I will take it! So glad to see you posting and fighting. I still feel that something will turn around. You are the toughest Harley rider, guitar player, pizza eating, beer drinking person I know and love! All the good karma going out to you. Don't let your body quit, continue giving it the fight you got! We are here praying for you. Love you much my friend. Angec

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    You are a Man, Fox

    You are a Man, Fox