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See that you posted on another thread and just want to welcome you back.  Hope you had a wonderful visit with family and it was all that you hoped for.  Amazing story you shared with us.  Welcome back and glad that you had a safe trip.


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The trip exceeded my expectations.  Everyone was so welcoming, and I am truly part of a big family. 

I'm not sure how to post smaller picture, so apologise for this being so big; but here I am with my five, newly found sisters. 

Tru and her sisters

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So thrilled for you, Tru. This experience must have changed your life in such an awesome way. If your sisters only knew how many lives you touch on this board alone....I know they can sense your loving spirit & fine character. Thank you for sharing!

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Jusst Awesome! Verry happy for you.

Hugs to all.

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So glad  the trip went well.   Lovely pic of six happy  sisters Smile

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Joan M
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This is a beautiful picture of you and your sisters.  It's good that everything went well for you.  

Hope you have many years with them! 

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Posts: 6694
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I'm so glad that you had a wonderful visit.  Wow to have sisters you never knew about is a blessing.  You are truly fortunate to have this experience in your life and know that you will cherish every moment from now forward.  Thanks again for sharing your story with us - amazing.

Hugs!  Kim

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Canadian Sandy
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Nice picture! What an exciting time for you. You are looking great!

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So wonderful Tru! Many more happy gatherings to come.


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What a wonderful experience!!!


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  To think, you found a long lost family you didn't know you had at this point in your life is just amazing .  Congrats.

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