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First Scans Monday

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Joined: Nov 2017

Have my first scans on Monday since my surgery 6 months ago.  Starting to get that scanxiety that everyone speaks of.  Going to keep myself busy over the weekend and not think about it.  Just really hoping things look good.  Haven't had a scan since they found my RCC.

Wish me luck!  :)

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Will be thinking of you. All the best and may Uncle Ned stop by!

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With such a small tumor I'm going to Vegas to put all my money on Uncle Ned.



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My first scans since my Feb surgery are on the 22nd of this month. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been on my mind already - I'm sure it'll get worse in the next couple of weeks.  Best wishes that you have a totally boring scan.


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I had a PET scan this morning.  I was the same way.  A wreck.  Now to await the results.  So you're not alone my friend.

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How it gets ahold of you.

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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To ALL those with scans coming up soon-keep positive-June

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When do you get your results?  I'm hopeful you get them later in the day on Monday.  I'm amazed at the number of people that have to wait days for their results.  

Good luck


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Scanxiety is a natural and inevitable fact of life for those of us who have had surgery to remove primaries.  You will have to go through this for quite a while yet, so develop a strategy for coping with the stress.  An "all-clear" result can be quite a high.

Best of luck with this,


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Joined: Nov 2017

Thanks everyone!  Heading out in 1/2 hour.  Not sure when results will be shared.  I'm hoping today.  I have scans, then go upstairs to see my surgeon for a visit.  Maybe then?  Not sure how fast they will get them read.  Really hoping for good news as this is the first go since surgery.  Feeling pretty good about it though.

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Bay Area Guy
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Best wishes.  I had mine a couple of weeks ago. The results were available in about two days for me.

Posts: 111
Joined: Nov 2017

Just got home.  Doc said scans looked great and my kidney function was great.  Yippee!  Happy to say (first time ever) that NED has made a visit!!!

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Congrats on the NED, it is time to party :)

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Nice!  NED is very busy this week. 

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I am excited for you on the good news.

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Thanks MudMan.  :)


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Waiting with you I had scans today I hope you get good results thinking of you. 

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Awesome results!! So happy for you.

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