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Why I won't be posting for a week - Non-Cancer related

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I will be 'missing in action' over the coming week, and I'll tell you why. 

I was abandoned at birth and adopted at two. I did find out who my biological mother was, (never have met her and no desire); but no father on the brith certificare, so I figured I would NEVER know. 

Fast forward 60 years. I did one of those DNA tests. For truth, I was quite sceptical.  In one of the emails they sent, it said there was a match for a 1st cousin. I ignored it for a year, because the woman was American, and all her relatives on her pedegree chart were American, and I am English. 

This year I thought 'oh, what the heck' so I sent her a message.  She said she didn't think any of her uncles were in England in 1958, BUT HER DAD WAS. .

We sent a few pictures back and forth. One of the pictures of her father was like looking at my son.  She emailed back and told me that one of my childhood pictures was like looking at her dad. 

I HAVE FOUND MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER - though he has passed on, I find that I have FIVE step-sister. 

Tomorrow, I am heading out to Iowa, to meet my step-sisters and my step-mother.

Oh, and I'm not so sceptical about those DNA tests any more. 

So, I'll be back, with tales to tell. 


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That is wonderful and awesome news.  I'm sure that this will be an exciting visit for you and you will get some history you never thought existed.  I'm so anxious for you to meet them.  What a wonderful story and praying that you have a safe trip and and WONDERFUL visit.

Hugs!  Kim

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obviously you knew I knew this because of Facebook but still I am incredibly excited for you!! I can’t wait to hear about it and I hope they know how lucky they are to have you! you have almost given me the courage to do one of those tests to see if I find any biological relatives. I am also adopted but I have zero knowledge of anything about them. Someday, but for now I will be excited and I cant wait to see your journey progress.  Safe travels and happiness to you!!!

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Happy that your absence isn't cancer-related but even happier that its because you'll find family.  

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Canadian Sandy
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Happy for you.....enjoy your visit.

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This is remarkable. I can't imagine all the emotions you'll experience on this trip. All those sisters to meet. I'm sure this will be a joy filled adventure. And in Iowa! That's the best DNA related story I've ever heard. Congratulations to you. 

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TRU - I have goosebumps reading this...  Enjoy special times with your new found family...



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This is a perfect example of why you are still alive and kicking.  There are many more chapters to your life and this one should prove to be one of the most interesting, invigorating and beneficial.  I suspect that you are giddy with excitement (I started to use the British word gobsmacked but I have been told that there are some inappropriate meanings for that word).

What a wonderful outcome.  Enjoy it all and then please share what you will with us.


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What a great break and exciting life news!

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Have a safe and fun trip learning about your new relatives!

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Hope you have a great time.  Traci

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That's wonderful Sue, can't wait to here the stories....................................Dave

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Coolest story ever! I found my birth mother and two half sisters about ten years ago. I can't locate my birth father. It's been an adventure!


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Great story and glad that you can connect.

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Joan M
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So glad you were able to meet your sister!  I hope you had a wonderful visit!

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  To find some long lost releatives and still be able to see them is wonderful.   

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