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Lung Cavity after Lobectomy

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I had an upper right lobectomy on February 1, 2018.  Had a few complications, 10 days in ICU, and have had oxygen problems since.  My doctor feels that once my "empty cavity" fills up, the oxygen will come back.  I was using less oxygen, but then when I got back to normal life, commuting to work, shopping etc., my oxygen levels have gone down.  Yesterday was as low as 53.  Anyway, has anyone experienced a slow cavity fill?  I do have lifelong asthma, but I never needed oxygen, and I do have some granulomas, which the doctor really doesn't want to call Sarcoidosis.

Anyone have this type of issue?  I would appreciate any input.  Thank you.

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I'm sorry you are having this concern. I had a left lower lobe lobectomy 3 years ago and though once released from the hospital did not require further oxygen, about a year after surgery I seemed to have occasional shortness of breath and wheezing. My CT scan at the time showed no issue and was followed by chest x-ray, EKG, echo, and stress test, to no avail! I am on warfarin for a blood clot that was found shortly after surgery. Oddly, now the shortness of breath while still occasionally there with extreme activity, is often non-existent, yet there was an area of concern on a recent scan????? Its a mystery in the makes I guess!

Lung scarring is very common after surgery and also increases with things like chemo and radiation or scans to that area...we are seldom told of that side effect.

I do remember that it seemed around 6 months post surgery that I was breathing close to normal...well until a year later when I wasn't!

I have a PET scan later this week to try to determine a related issue I am presently dealing with myself.

Please keep us posted as to how you are doing and I will send virtual good vibes for deep healthy breaths of life your way!


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Thank you Katheryn.  I just got back to this since I was admitted into the hospital with respiratory failure soon after my post.  Besides everything else I ended up with pnemonia in the bottom of both lungs.  I'm still on oxygen but hoping that after my battle with this infection is finished I get back to the new "normal."  Good luck with your PET scan results and I too am sending good vibes your way.

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I notice that had the surgery, lower left lobectomy 3 years ago? I had it done last week,  am at stage 3A. im at a loss as to how much time I have left.  I feel fine and will see docs in the coming weeks to discuss post op treatment such as chemotherapy and then radiation.  How is it going for you?  Tx, madonna.

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I'm 4 months since they took out 49% of my right lung. I'm having trouble dealing with all of these feelings that are washing over me.  Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Fear

Constantly wondering why me?  I'm trying not to dwell in the feelings of Pitty, but I have to admit it does sneak in.  Facing your immortality is Scarry.   I don't have much of a support system in place.  I don't want to worry anyone so I don't talk about all of the feelings running thru me.  

They think the surgery has gotten oll of the cancer.  I go back for a CTScan the end of February.  I have to admit i'm alittle scared, but i'm trying to think positive.  

Anyone have any advice on handling all these feelings and when do you feel normal and not being so scared? WA, Doreen



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I had a lower right lung lobectomy 10/30. The pulmonologist is keeping me on oxygen until at least March, 2019.  He was concerned because my oxygen levels were in the upper 80s while using the portable oxygen.  I have COPD/asthma, but have never needed oxygen previously.  I have to say immediately after surgery I had trouble breathing even with the oxygen. It got to be so bad I messed up my heart rhythm and I am now on blood pressure medication.   Each day I get stronger, but I have alot of recovery yet.  My one hope is that I wont need the oxygen after March.  I this helps.

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