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On Pazopanib for 5 years with Stage 4 Renal Cancer

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Hi to you all I was wondering if there are other people using Pazopanib for a longer time, my kidney with tumour was removed April 2011 and I was diagnosed stage 4 in December 2012.  My oncologist used to ask me for feedback on my side effects to compare with other people in the USA who had been using the drug about 9 months ahead of me.  These comparisons helped me with my journey and for the first few years made it easier, I no longer get this comparison information, the oncologist has indicated very few people are in my position.  I was hoping I could find a few other people in this forum who are long time users of Pazopanib to compare notes with.    Hoping you all have a happier day than the day before.


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There should be lots of people around. If you don't get responses here, go to Smart Patients. You may find more there. I know several people that have been stable for a long time on this drug, or were stable for a long time on this drug.

Best to you,


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Thanks Todd, I have only made a couple of comments over the last five years.  I have been reading the progress of others on the site which has helped a lot.


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5 years! Wow. Congratulations.  I made it 3 years on Votrient at various doses. I don't know if I have anything to add that you don't already know.

But, I remember when I started: reading of other peoples' success with drug (like yours) was an inspiration. I'm sure your story will be blessing for many.

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rhominator your suggestions and comments have guided me on occasions over the last couple of years, thank you

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