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When a Double Ear Infection is actually a Good Thing

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Before having cancer touch your life, little aches and pains go mostly unnoticed or can be put out of our minds with the help of a little ibuprofen.


After having cancer touch your life, every feeling is a "What if" or "Maybe I should be worried". 


My husband started getting bumps up and down his neck a while ago.  He had neck and throat pain and felt run down.  We were both assuming the worst. I had thought on many occasions to ask you guys about it on this forum but I was somehow afraid that it would make it real, that it would make it be something bad.  I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but OCD is not a stranger to me!!


He finally saw the doctor today and he has a double ear infection.  Not a pleasant thing but he will gladly take it.  Thanks for listening and for always making me feel like a I have place to fall apart if I need to.  You guys are the best!!

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We will take it!!!!

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I could go on, but lets strive for a Cancer free world for now.




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Excellent news! I am a hypochondriac myself, so I understand your worries and struggles...

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I mentioned to my doctor once that I was a hypochondriac, and he said "if you think you're a hypochondriac, you're not a hypochondriac."  I had to think about that for a minute but it made sense.  Now I just think I'm an over-thinking worrier.

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If you ever think that you're over thinking I think you're not really over thinking but maybe I am under thinking.


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