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Pathology question

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I happened to see my pathology report after almost four years again. I read it again and I'm confused I got it correctly four years ago. I mean this line:

Nuclear grade II/IV furhman system

Does it mean it's grade two out of four possible grades? Or it means it's combination of both two and four grades? 

I don't remember what my urologist said

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As a trined lawyer it looks like 2 out of 4, but take that with a grain of salt.



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It looks like grade two, but a check with your doctor during your next visit will bring you the clear answer.  Foroughsh, I've been wondering about your picture.  I find it intriguing.  You look like a person without a care in the world, totally relaxed, and enjoying life.  You just seem peaceful in the photo.  I hope that is the case, if so, it exibits a good example of what we all wish for.


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pretty sure your right its a 2 out of a 4, since I was told I was a grade 2. Good luck.

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Grade 2

If their is a mixture of grades they should use the higher grade

if you were grade 4 you would have knowing about by now


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You need a Consultant Histopathologist

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My understanding is that it is Grade 2 out of 4. If it would be a mixture, they would use 4 as the dominant one, since its needs more attention...

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My report stated 2 out of 4, perhaps they were abbreviating?? Not a good thing to do on such an important report!

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