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New Here and Biopsy Tomorrow

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hello everyone,

I’m new here, and have endometrial biopsy tomorrow  I had an ultrasound and the results are my endometrial stripe is too thick  I don’t have the exact measurement as I haven’t seen the doctor since the ultrasound and was called to schedule biopsy  

Im 51 yrs old.  Over 22 yrs ago I had mild endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids   I have been in perimenopause since last August but have only missed one period, in January. For the past couple months I’ve been having  spotting between periods and sometimes spotting after sex.  This past week the symptoms are new  with bloody thin mucus discharge  Have also felt sensations of leaking clear fluid from vagina and some clear watery discharge. I’ve had no pain.

i have no family history of endometrial  cancer, but my primary doctor referred me to the gyn for ultrasound to rule out endometrial cancer 

Thank you 

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desccc, getting checked is the best thing you are doing.  Try not to get ahead of yourself here.  Take a breath and let us know how it goes.  

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Glad you found this forum. Your symptoms sound familiar to many of us. But just remember there is probably less than a 10% probability it is cancer. Keep positive and let us know how you are doing. Everyone in this forum is here for you should you need us! 


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thanks everyone!

i had to reschedule my biopsy because I started my period. She gave me the results of ultrasound and my endometrial thickness was 16mm, but since I’m in perimenopause she says there’s no real number to******. Only in menopause. My biopdy was two days ago.

my spotting is back again. There seems to be a pattern the last two months where I will Have no spotting for one week after period stops, then it starts up again. 

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Your symptoms do sound familiar; however, they could just be perimenopausal. It's great that you have a doctor that isn't ignoring your concerns and is taking precautions...just in case. I agree though....don't get too far ahead with worrying. Hopefully you won't even need us! ;)

Please keep us posted. I know all the leakage is beyond a nucence...but I am glad you aren't in pain:)

Best wishes,


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