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Woo hoo

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So I finally heard back from my surgeon and praise the Lord...there is no second Tumor! My scans were reviewed by 3 urologist and 3 radiologist and it was a mistake by the original radiologist. 

So I still have the original "spot" 1.5 cm that hasn't moved or grown at all and the plan is still in place to burn that sucker out only now it will be with a different interventional radiologist in Seattle.

God is good my friends and prayer is strong!

Thank you all for all your continuous support for me. Especially when I'm losing It! I love you all.


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That Karma I sent seems to be working. In a few days you should be able to catch and throw fish at Pike Street Market. Been there, done that.





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Hi Cin,

It would have been just a bit too much, I think. All the best for your procedure when you have it.


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Canadian Sandy
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Good news! 

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Mighty Frog
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Wow!...... What arelief..... But from what i know and read that burning it or known as Radiofrequency ablation are not very effective. But again, discuss with you doctors and see which you are more comfortable with. 

All the best to you!!! Be Strong

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Now have a fun weekend!


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I'm soooo happy to hear that! Try and enjoy your weekend!


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Very hapy to hear that. You must be so relieved. Do something fun this weeked!

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Every once in a while a mistake turns out to be a good thing...  Glad they caught it sooner rather than later.  We continue to surround and support you, even when you're losing it!  Take care -

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Good luck with burning the sucker out! 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Thrilled for you!!!  Hope you are breathing easier.  Praise the Lord is right.  Have a great evening.  

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I'm so Happy for you Cin

Enjoy the good news


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Thats is a blessing great news. 

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I am so happy to hear this good news. That first guy needs an earful from someone for making you suffer like that!!!

Good luck on getting rid of it. Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!

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Yesssss!! Congratulations!!!!!

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pain you have been through.. you poor thing.. my heart hurts thinking of you 

but so pleased it turned out ok.. stupid people should triple check this things

Stary strong


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Very happy to read this. I'm sure it's a giant load off your mind.

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What was the admission fee for this roller-coaster??  Without a doubt the emotional ride of cancer is one of the toughest to battle.  I'm so happy you shared this news.  Let's hope the ride is a little easier with fewer loopty-loops going forward.

Good luck!



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as we say in Rhode Island, a BIG TIME BOOM!!!!!

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So I will be headed down to Seattle on the 27th to meet with an Oncologist and a urologist.

My Urologist doesn't feel I need an Oncologist just yet but just be ause of all the red tape with insurance if and when I will have an established relationship. Plus it gives me a second opinion as well as I have to get my Ablation down there now.

I'm a little nervous but I faith it's gonna go good.

Love you all 


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Just checked and the Seattle Cancer Hospitals are in the top 10 for Cancer care in the nation. Both my brother and late father had sucessful surgery for Prostate Cancer there 15 or 20 years ago. Hopefully this will be the end of Kidney Cancer for you.



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Posts: 199
Joined: Jan 2018

Iceman, I hope so. Thanks for always cheering me on!

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OK, I have found you in this thread.  Good to hear the results. Keep up the good work.


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