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New drug combo for uterine serous carcinoma

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I came across this today, thought some of you might be interested:

New drug combo improves survival of women with rare uterine cancer

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Very interesting Phase 2 clinical trial results! Thank you for posting. Every day of extended survival helps to get us closer to a cure or prevention!

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of Herceptin in the treatment of UPSC. I have been reading about women with UPSC who test positive for HER2/neu. A relative of mine had Her2/neu breast cancer- an aggressive form- so I read a lot about it and learned about the targeted therapy called Herceptin. Herceptin is given intravenously but is not considered to be chemotherapy. It's good to see research on this rare cancer. Thanks for sharing.

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Love to hear this good news as being Stage II, UPSC, doesn't seem to get much notice in medical research.

Thank you!!



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I don't have HER2, according to my genetic testing results (I continue to be a real outlier in a real odd cancer ... great), but this could be encouraging for so many women.

What puzzles me, though, is that the DFR (I've heard different periods of time, by the way, from different sources ... some up to a year to a year and a half), is so slight with this additional treatment. If it provided, perhaps, another two or three years, my ears would really perk up. Even an extra year. But it's only a few months. 

This is proof we really need to know so much more about the Type 2s in general. So much more.

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I haven't read the details, but the average can be misleading. I assume it includes people who didn't respond at all, and people who had much longer lasting responses. Not expected to be a cure, it adds to the options. I wonder if given after a surgery and other treatments intended to cure, say stage 2 or 3, if it increases the percentage who never relapse.

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Donna Faye
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My gyn onc is one of the doctors on this trial. Interesting read.

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1st post here. Diagnosed 4/2014 

My Patti is in the middle of a recurrence of this UPSC, and we're told this next round of chemo will also have the HER2/Neu Herceptin suppressor. Hoping for good results. 

Curious if anyone has tried alternative efforts. We're juicing, and looking into PEMF and ozone therapy. If anyone has any experience with these adjunctive options, please let us know. 


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Kindellano, I am so sorry to hear about your Patti.  I cannot answer your question, but suspect some of the other wonderful ladies will be along.  Please let Patti know she is not alone and come back to tell us how she is doing.  

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The updated NCCN guidelines as of October 17, 2018 recommend testing for Her2/Neu, and if positive, herceptin.  I'm not getting help in this from Hartford Hospital, but I went down to Yale for a consult, and they are doing the testing.  If my tumor has Her2/Neu, I will then have to fight the insurer to cover herceptin.

Interestingly, a new study just came out that showed that herceptin seemed to have been of benefit in triple negative breast cancer, even if the Her2/Neu receptor was NOT present.

Kindellano, the researcher at Yale said that he has seen good responses to herceptin in UPSC.

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