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I am currently not taking any supplement except I do take tumeric

 I am considering adding bosmeric and maybe vitamin D. My Dr hasn't said one way or another that I should or should not take anything except to avoid multi vitamins.

Any thoughts???



  • Brock1969
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    I haven't heard tp avoid multi vitamins. Any reasoning for this?

  • Cinnamongirl
    Cinnamongirl Member Posts: 199
    Not sure

    Both my primary Dr and Urologist said I didn't really need them that I should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals I need form my diet of I am eating correctly.

    With the exception of maybe  vitamin D

  • Bay Area Guy
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    I take turmeric and

    I take turmeric and glucosamine, as well as a multi-vitamin.  I run a lot, so the glucosamine helps my joints.

  • Steve.Adam
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    Hi Cin

    I'm pretty much on the same page as you. The only vitamins I sometimes take are D and K2.  But I eat liver sometimes and eggs often. They are like vitamin pills on a plate.

    I don't fully trust the claims of people who sell supplements. Nutrition advice generally seems to backflip just a little too often.

    Brock, search for 'multivitamins bad' and read some of the articles. Opinions vary widely on this stuff.


  • Manufred
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    Eat well

    Vitamins and supplements are not medicine.

    All people will benefit from a healthy diet, and if there are identified deficiencies supplements may be able to help.  I doubt that any of these will actaully defeat cancer.