Feeling Uneasy

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Had partial right neph Sept 2016. Clear cell 3.5cm, stage 1A grade 2. Going for my review CT 12 Mar.

After 1.5 years follow up I still got this worry. Is this normal feeling this way?


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    Pretty much my exact diagnosis - I had a radical about three weeks ago.  From what I've read and put together we're in about as good a place as we can be - so try to relax and just enjoy life.   And remind me of this when I"m going in for my follow up scans and I'm scared as hell!

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    My partial neph was four

    My partial neph was four years ago this coming St. Patrick's day. Also around the size of yours and same stage. I still get nervous and scared at scan times. Personally, I think it's perfectly normal. Hoping for good CT results for you. All the best on the 12th.

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    The hard part is over



    You made it thru the diagnosis, the surrgwery, the recovery a years worth of scans and everything that goes with it. There is only a little bitty chance that something will show in a later scan, and if it does they will catch it in the bud. I know its easy for me to say but I am a pro after 15 plus years of this. After year 5 it was mostly Ultrasounds and prostate exams which you may be able to skip.




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    I’m only 4 months out but I

    I’m only 4 months out but I hope it get better with more time.

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    Radical on RT kidney on 3/14/2018

    10CM mass on RT kidney. Getting a radical on 3/14/18. Scared!! I am 63 yrs. My photo was when I was in mid 40's....


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     On April 14 i will complete 3 years post surgery...still worry a lot when I go to my test ....having cancer is scary ......its going to take time until we go back to normal life 

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    I to am scared but soon It

    I to am scared but soon It will be over with. I have to wait until the 20th. Good luck to you.


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    Thank you all

    The closer it gets the more I fear

  • larymor
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    I to am scared but soon It

    I to am scared but soon It will be over with. I have to wait until the 20th. Good luck to you.


    Canadian Sandy

    The best to you also. We are not alone.

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    Thanks everyone. Praying for the best. Yes, the nearer it gets the more worried. 

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    I'm five years post radical

    I'm five years post radical nephrectomy for stage II tumour. Unfortunately, I have not found my scan anxiety to reduce at all. It sucks every time. I did find a radiology center that would post my test results on MyChart, so I could read the report before the visit with the oncologist which, for me, helped a lot.

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    checking in with my 2 cents worth

    I'll agree with Jackaroe, sucks every time.  I'm having my follow-up scans done this week (the 14th), doctor appt on the 17th and it's always nerve wracking.  It's 5-1/2 years since my surgery.  I think it's pretty normal to be anxious.  I think it's due to the fact that's how all of our diagnosis' were made, so that alone makes it scary, the what if's and could it be's.

    Best of luck,


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    In hospital now!

    Had a full nephroctomy today at 9.30 am. I was told by my surgeon the kidney and mass was as big as a football and weighed 10 lbs. Said we removed just in the nick of time. I was scared but decided either this or death in 6 or 7 months. I feel fine right now other than the incision pain and hurts bad to cough. They are talking of releasing me tomorrow, but my nurse figures either Friday or Saturday. I am glad I did it. Do not fear and have it done. I hope I am passing on hope and Faith to others who are on the fence and full of fear. God will be with you so don't fear. Trust in God to guide the surgeons hands and put yourself in his care as I did. Peace to all who are fearing this and God be with you in Jesus mighty name! AMEN!!

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    Sure it's normal, but you'll

    Sure it's normal, but you'll be less worried after many more NED reports that you get

    Waiting for good news


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    I to am scared but soon It

    I to am scared but soon It will be over with. I have to wait until the 20th. Good luck to you.


    Scared here too. It will be 4

    Scared here too. It will be 4 years April ,going for scans this week and recheck March 30 th, Im in my 4th year. Hope for the best for all who is here .

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    From all the experiences I

    From all the experiences I have read, yes, it is normal. I think because we all had the initial shock when told "we found something" we are hypersensitive now. I JUST had my first follow up scans and see the oncologist next week. TBH, I was not and am not nervous. I guess after that first bout with cancer I have come to almost "expect" it again and am ready and on guard. However, I don't think about it every day and just live my life. Enjoy yours!!

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    Yes it is normal, it gets a little better with time

     I get very anxious, Im lucky to have the results a half hour after the scan so I don't have that part of the wait but still.  I think its very normal to feel anxious to some extent.   Wishing you all is well 


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    Scan completed. Doctor review in 2 weeks time. Could not wait so got my own report few hours later.

    thank god is NED. Thank everyone for the encouragement. Now wait for doc review and next 6 mths scan. Every 6 months scanxiety. Hope to go for 1 year scan soon.


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    Seen my Urologist

    Seen my urologist today on my CT report. Schedule 1 year scan from now instead of 6 months. Requested for 6 months scan but was told it was not neccessary. Not sure should I be paranoid but was told of 1mm positive margin during surgery that might be burn off during the cut. Was told that mine is not aggressive grade and from CT report the surgical site is recovering. Should I continue with 6 months CT? Should I be duly worried on the 1mm margin?