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Pathology. FINALLY!

Tapman63 Member Posts: 137

After a two week wait the pathology finally came back and it seems to be good news!


Carcinoma with negative margins present in a background of multiple cortical cysts

Tumor size: 3.4 cm (smaller than we thought)

Tumor Focality: Single Focus

Histologic Grade: 2

Tumor Exension:  Tumor limited to kidney

Margins:  All margins of resection are negative for renal cell carcinoma

Tumor Stage: pT1a Nx  (can someone explain this one, please?)


There has been a HUGE sigh of relief from this guy......


  • BoondockSaint
    BoondockSaint Member Posts: 242
    That does sound like

    That does sound like excellent news. Your case is very similar to my wife's.

    The way I understand it is the X means that there were no lymph nodes that looked suspicious so there were none taken for sample and sent to patholog. Which.......the way I see it, more good news!!

    Well wishes to you.

  • donna_lee
    donna_lee Member Posts: 1,018
    Great News

    I'm sure you were anxiously awaiting the results.

    For a full definition, do a search for "Kidney Tumor Staging".  It gives the TNM and # definitions.

    FYI mine was: T2 (and since the DX, it would be T2b, N1, M1.)  The Tumor was over 7 cm, it had infiltrated Nodes, and that also means it had Metastasized to one or more places-as in nodes and liver.  And then it recurred in single nodes; which just means the nodes had probably not grown to any size that was recognizable on either the CT or by examination.

    Take care of yourself. and Hugs,


  • Wehavenotimeatall
    Wehavenotimeatall Member Posts: 488 **

    Sounds great news... other than getting a grade one  your report could not have been much better

    hope you are feeling better and pain is getting  less every day.l Early days yet  so take your time for a while yet


  • hardo718
    hardo718 Member Posts: 853
    Awesome news!

    Steady as she goes.  What a relief.


  • foxhd
    foxhd Member Posts: 3,181
    Life is good

    Life is good Tman!

  • Tapman63
    Tapman63 Member Posts: 137
    foxhd said:

    Life is good

    Life is good Tman!


    Yes it is, Fox.  I do personally want to thank you for your contributions to the  board.  Your straight-shooting, non b/s approach on your different posts was one of the big comforts to me post diagnosis/pre op.

  • CarlosRosado
    CarlosRosado Member Posts: 88
    your report is similar to

    your report is similar to mine...

    hope you are having a good recovery.