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Undiff pleomorphic sarcoma (armpit)

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My husband is 37 and was diagnosed with a high grade undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma last month. They say stage 3. He had surgery to remove it and it was 6cm. Docs say we can do chemo but there is no data to support if it works or not. But radiation for sure. We are trying to go for a second opinion to MD Anderson. There is not a lot of info out there and we are struggling to make treatment decisions. We also just bought a house, own our own business, I am a stay at home mom for an 18 month old and there is not a lot of info on survival. Any info would be appreciated!

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my wife had high grade stage 3 UPS on her thigh. She did 25 radiation treatments before they removed an 11cm mass on her thigh. we met with the medical oncologist after her surgery and she said that she has a 30-40% chance that it will recur and that chemo will only lower that percentage by 10%. the chemo would cause too Many side effects (hair loss, possible infertility, and possibly get leukemia later in life) so she decided not to take it. 10% isn’t much but being as the armpit is close to the lungs then I would seriously consider it. The doctors at Vanderbilt said that it was common for UPS to recur in the lungs. 


A little back story. We got engaged in May of 2017 and had the wedding date set for April 7th. In late September she was diagnosed with sarcoma so we bumped the wedding up to October 22nd During her 2nd week of radiation. December 11th, 2017 they removed the mass and X-rays say she’s been clear since! My wife just turned 25 years old. She goes back for MRI in May to start her sarcoma protocol. 


I’ll be keeping yall in my thoughts and prayers. 


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Never mind. It came back

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How is your wife doing? My husband was recently diagnosed with UPS in his shoulder. We are just in the beginning stages of grappling with this.  Started round two of  A.I.M chemo.  So far  no mets, just a huge f'in mass 10 cm.

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