Nerve damage

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I'm new to CSN but do have a question or two.  I had a lobectomy on my right lung on Dec. 4th 2017.  I'm still experiencing what I've been told is nerve damage caused by the surgery and chest tubes it's from my right abdomen and up my right side.  Also I have this empty pit feeling in my stomach that never goes away and I feel hungry all the time.  Has anyone else experienance this or anything similar and how long does it take to subscide and to feeling normal again?

 Many thanks and hope everyone is doing well,


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    Hi Kirby,

    Hi Kirby,

    Try posting over in There are always folks over there willing to help and give advice. I know nerve damage can last a short time OR a long time. Everyone seems to be different. As far as your stomach, I really don't know. But, please, go over to Inspire. You will make some good friends there! Best wishes

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    Hi Kirby

    I had my enitre left lung removed and I too experience nerve damage.  At first it was my entire right hand that would go completely numb.  If I picked up a remote or cellphone, pain would shoot throughout my body.  I had my surgey Sept 2017.  The numbness has receeded but i still have nerve pain.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I do no currently take any medication other than Tylenol Arthitis.  I have learned that inflammation causes the nerve pain.  Therefore, it is best to eliminate foods that causes inflammation like cutting back on diary, red meat.  Be very selective on what type of medication you choose to take as the meds can lead to other problems.  Exercise is also a way to eliviate the pain caused by the surgery.  The nerve pain is slowly subsiding but I was informed ahead of time by my physician that it would be a long recovery as it is major surgery.  It gets better.  It may not seem like it now but it gets better as long as you take care of your body.  Recommend more green veggies, fusion water (home made) containing lemon, limes, cucumbers.