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Nivo or votrient each morning? Maybe opioids or a bowl of sativa to soften the fear and distress? Then again several times a day prn? You gotta have enough but not too much. None of those remain as my first choice. Because I've got a better way. No script needed. No worry of an overdose.

Every morning I make my way downstairs. My wife has my coffee and paper by my chair. She helps wrap me up in a blanket. Not a bad start. But then it gets really good.

Cooper watches the goings on as he waits. So concientious about being the best caregiver he can be. Then it is his turn.

Everyone is familiar with little white guys like him. Less than 2 feet tall. 20 pounds of love and an incredible heat source.

Our bichon mix has it all. And boy does he put out!

Up on my lap, then tight to my chest. Bringing my hands back to 100 degrees he snuggles in closely. He's not interested in my coffee but we share a pastry.

My pain meds begin to kick in and I relax a little more. Sometimes 2-3 hours before I need to get up and he will cuddle with me as if I was the only thing that matters in his life.

Regardless of how miserable I might be at any time of day, I can take 1 dose of Cooper to protect me from the demons. No fear of overdose or need for detox.

There is nothing better than a few hits of pound puppy.



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    Thank you

    I cannot tell you how often your posts make me smile! I have two mini daschund and through this whole cancer journey they have been by my side. They make my heart smile and calm my anxiety.

    Thank you Fox for sharing and getting my day started on the right frame of mind!!


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    MIne just startes at me after I smoke my bowl. I'm like "What?"

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    Grest story

    They truly are man's best friend! 

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    I love bichons. He sounds

    I love bichons. He sounds like the perfect mush :)

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    you continue to amaze me with your attitude and awesome positivity; I have never been a p person although having 2 boys, we went through quite a menagerie years ago.

    reading between the lines, how is your health these days? Are you still on Cabo and getting regular scans?


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    German Wirehair

    My girl is a GWP.  Great family dog and bird dog in the field.  I've put a lot of miles with her in front of me pointing birds in Iowa and on our annual trip to South Dakota. 


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    Love my dogs

    I have a brindle pug and  a mini dachshund.  Unconditional love ;))

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    Sounds incredibly therapeutic

    I can vouch for the coffee, warm blanket, and loving wife in the morning.

    Unfortunately, my dogs are too big and rambunctious to sit on my lap and my cat hates me.

    Good to hear from you, friend.

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    COOPER---- COOPER   ---

    COOPER---- COOPER   ----COOPER! Everyone has a purpose and Cooper knows his well!

    Glad you have such great "medicine' from him with only positive side effects!

    But I am sorry for your suffering..ENUFF! How well do you sleep at night?

    Sending you HOPE with healing hugs, Foxybaby!!


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    Ah! Here you are my friend!

    Always bringing  us beautiful stories and good advice. Im glad you are being taken care of with so much love, you certainly deserve it!  Sending healing thoughts and much love.  I keep you in my heart always.


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    Excellent treatment plan, Fox!

    The current dog-in-residence here knows the benefits of cuddling your person(s), too. When I saw him at the humane society, he stared at me intently, letting me know, "Get me out of here and you won't regret it." I did and I haven't. There are times he gives other people the look that says, "SEE what I have to put up with?!" but mostly he's cool with it.

    But Fox -- I can't read him your forum post about Cooper! Why not? Then he'll want pastry in the morning, too. So, I'll summarize it and let him know Mr Fox has his Cooper just like I have him. The world is as it should be, with little dogs having their persons. He'll like that.

    BTW, at one point we had three Bichons. For a while they had the responsibility for four people, and sometimes that sure wore them out! But then we got down to two people so it was nice -- they'd tag team and weren't always "on call." Whenever we had a bunch of company over, it was hysterically funny to see the three of them work the room.

    Wagtails to little Mr Cooper from "His Nibs"

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    Pet Therapy is the best

    im currently looking for a small breed rescue for my mom . She will be living a different lifestyle now , a little furry companion will do her good! 

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    I agree

    I enjoy a double dose. A spicy Maltese with attitude named Arty and a rambunctious, voracious little girl name Tara, half pug, half chihuahua.


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    Thank you

    Your posts are poetic. Brings a smile and a few tears. Bless you and Cooper.

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    My wife has

    had up to 5 dogs at once. All of her dogs and cats live long. 17-18yo. There is no store bought dog foods here. She cooks 2-3 x week for them and brushes their teeth.

    I think I have good odds that she will keep me alive quite a while too. Whatcha think?

    She takes them all out 2-3 miles/day. The ones that can no longer walk ride in the stroller. She takes them all at once and walks with a like minded friend.

    That is what it is like being married to a nurse. Multitask squared.

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    Your post made me smile so hard, and then cry and then smile and cry at the same time.  God bless Cooper and your wife (she makes me feel a little inadequate!!).

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    I know you're quite wonderful of course...

    But you did hit the Jackpot with that wife of yours!  Big time! : 

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    Dogs are amazing

    So good to hear your advice on the best care, the unconditional love of your wife and your dog. I read recently a quote about service dogs and their training. The person the dog was being trained for said to the trainer " that humans don't deserve dogs". They do so much for us and ask little in return. Thanks again for your advice I look forward to your posts.

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    I can't imagine not having dogs!

    This reminded me so much of my very special little Pom, Bentley, who we.had to say "goodbye" to in October. After my neph, he'd sit on my lap, or on my chest with his head on my shoulder, giving the best doggy hug ever. He was a major part of my revovery. As I face the next phase of my battle, it's a Border Collie mix and a Husky mix, both rescues, who nurse me through the rough patches. The only true unconditional love I've ever known is from my dogs. They are truly a gift. It's great that you have Cooper to help you through this. Thanks fur sharing this. You made me tear up just a bit. With the memories, my little guy will always be alive in my heart.

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    Dogs are amazing

    So good to hear your advice on the best care, the unconditional love of your wife and your dog. I read recently a quote about service dogs and their training. The person the dog was being trained for said to the trainer " that humans don't deserve dogs". They do so much for us and ask little in return. Thanks again for your advice I look forward to your posts.

    Im a boxer man myself

    Ive had many dogs over the year but love my boxers now. Someone called them the clowns of the K9 world and they make me smile on more ways than I can write.

    i think there are times things can get you down and its hard to explain the odd mix of pep and comfort we can get from snuggling with our furry friends

    DAC677 Boxers