Update on my son-in-law

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I've been lurking for quite some time and haven't posted for ages, however I have to share some continuing good news.

For those of you who have recently joined the 'club' that nobody wants to join...John has stage 4, grade 4, 60% sarcomatoid cancer.  He was dx'ed about 18 months ago.  He had a 13cm tumor and a total left kidney nephrectomy.  He didn't do well initially with votrient side effects which was the first line but since then has been doing bi-weekly Opdivo infusions for at least nine months more or less.  He had a scare some months ago with nodes in the lungs and a tumor in the para-tracheal area near his aorta.  He had an SRBT radiation treatment for that tumor which was successful.

He had scans yesterday and for the third consecutive time, I believe, he has had NO evidence of any tumors.  The Opdivo seems to be keeping the monster at bay which is a true blessing as my daughter is expecting their third child in around four months.  Of course, he is tired all of the time from the immunotherapy but we have to thank God for a continued abatement of the cancer.

Deo Gratias!



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    That is great news

    pray it   continues..

    Love to you all


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    Praying hard

    Praying hard for complete NED, for a long life.  BIG HUGS 

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    Wow! So happy to hear the

    Wow! So happy to hear the good news. I hope he regains strength and good health! Here's to many more NED scans!

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    Ditto on the great news!

    Ditto on the great news! Prayers for continued success.

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    That's very good news on the

    That's very good news on the last scan. Opdivo eems to be really working for him. All the best!

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    That is truely a blessing,

    That is truely a blessing, and great news!

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    Amazing news! All the best

    Amazing news! All the best for your son-in-law in 2018 and beyond. ~Panda~


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    Unbelievable! So happy to

    Unbelievable! So happy to hear these results. Good luck to him and to your daughter!

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    That is wonderful news! Many prayers for continued good scans!

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    Fantastic news!

    Hope the good news continues ad infinitum!

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    Thank you all...

    ...for your prayers and well wishes.  His oncologist says if the May scans are clear as well...and he continues on the Opdivo for another year at least, he can breathe easier from then.  It could be a true miracle for someone who originally thought he might only have 12-18 months.

    John is Vietnamese and for those of you who may be Catholic you'll understand that we've asked for the intercession of Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan who is now considered 'venerable' and up for beatification.  John could be his miracle.  For those that aren't Catholic or religious, just know the power of prayer is strong.



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    I was devoted

    to  Saint John Paul ..I will keep you all in my prayers


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    Wonderful news!

    Prayers for more clear scans!

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    Here's wishing for continued improvement!

    Those are indeed good news.

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    Such wonderful news

    always so happy hear these kind of posts. Congratulations to your daughter as well