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Life on the high C's, 800 infusions

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My wife has had 800 infusions of IV vitamin C over 7.7 years. This past year, we have mostly managed to skirt by on fewer infusions at higher dosage.   The past 100 infusions (~22 mo) have been with 50-90 grams of vitamin C (50,000-90,000mg) per completed infusion.  Infusions were spaced a median of ~6 days apart, with two 3 week lapses due to travel, and a 6 week intermission due to rebellion after too many needle sticks on a bad day.  This IV C series started with 60-65 gram infusions, some of the infusions have been 70 - 90 grams.  We nominally aim for 7-10 day spacing at 90 grams C per infusion right now, but  11-15 days or longer  may become the new normal.  

Since her infusions are peripheral, the nurse's insertion skill and careful attention are more and more  important as  age and chemo effects weaken her veins, as scar tissue formed at favorite sites makes insertion more difficult.  It would be nice to have several sharpshooters to distribute the stick pattern better, and create some competition.  Lower skill level and less careful attention by the radiology department's nurses for CT scans is now an issue too.     

Lapses in IV vitamin C (6 weeks), supplements, and 5FU (9 days!) allowed CA19-9 to substantially bump up 4x with very slow recovery (decline), still elevated at 2x UL.  CEA and AFP are pretty well controlled, back into the mid normal range, with previous elevations worked back down over time.

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Although I do not suggest solo IV vitamin C for colon cancer treatment except perhaps hospice,  chemo would  be unpleasant with more pronounced side effects, without the vitamin C infusions.  Living tissue sensivity tests suggested that C is an important of component of her immunochemo formulation, as do the blood tests.

Including IV vitamin C along with her daily oral 5FU tx has given us many advantages over conventional oncology treatments including increased freedom and control, increased wellbeing and functionality, much less illness, doing without heavy chemo components, many fewer and much lower side effects. And lower costs.


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