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Crazy ride.

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I'm a 55 yo male. January 2016 underwent a CT scan, they found a mass had completely engulfed my left kidney. Further scans revealed a large mass laying against my trachea and 2 other directly below my lungs. Had my left kidney removed along with lymph nodes nearby. Went to MD Anderson for treatment, they recommended a clinical trial of Pazopanib. November MRI revealed 4 cancer lesions in my brain. Underwent Gamma knife.Next scan showed mets inside my lungs. 3 treatments of Opdivo and had to stop because it had started attacking my organs. Tried Cabometyx, that didn't work. I finally decided no more oncologists. No more treatments. In April 2017 started feeling better, scans showed decrease in size of tumors, mets inside my lungs didn't show on the scan. I went back to work, still working, haven't had a scan since late spring which showed more improvement. That's a crazy ride.


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mindblowing crazy

dont know how you cope with all that

you are one amazing guy

pray it keeps working for you


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Wow! Crazy ride is right. I wish you nothin but the best!!!!!

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what you did. I'll buy some.

I'll bet your immune system kicked into gear. If I were you, I would return to opdivo at least for awhile, should you ever back slide.

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Wow that is crazy and awesome. Glad your at least feeling better. 

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That is one crazy ride and may it continue to be so for you in the positive way you describe in your last results!  You are an example of why it is almost imposible to make individual and even general predictions about almost anything in this disease.  May you be well

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tango xray
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I had my open partial at MD Anderson in November and was given the opportunity to participate in a trial study but declined.  I too have returned to work and just living a more 'intentional' life and feeling fantabulous!  I am hoping that my scans can be a part of the 'crazy ride' club!

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