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And it's back...

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Joined: Mar 2010

New, related tumor.  Found in my scans this week.  No treatment at this time - watch and wait, hopefully for a very long time.  We now assume lots of new tumors will be sprouting from the way my cancer seeded in my abdomen.



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I looked at your history and it seems like you have had a tough time over the years. There are multiple approaches being worked on for vaccines and cures but they're in trial phases right now. Too late for my stuff but they do hold promise for the future.

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I liked the way you worded that. 

I am terribly sorry to hear this. I know that its not totally unexpected, after this last run in earlier this year (it was this year, rigth? Time flies, I lose track).  No matter how much you know it could happen, nothing prepares you for the gut punch when it does. 

Here's hoping for some real slow growing tumours, if they have to be there. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Sorry to hear this a rub. You have done really well with all your setbacks.....keep on doing the same.

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I'm so sorry to hear this as you did so well for so long and now all the setbacks.  I'm praying that your "wait and see" approach is a long time.  Remember Phil, he was a wait and see for years.  I've not seen him lately but he was out doing kayaking and many activities during his wait and see.  Wishing you the best going forward.  You are in my prayers.

Hugs!  Kim

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Lily Flower
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I also read your history. I'm so sorry that you have another setback. I agree with Kim. While wait and watch, keep living life to the fullest. 

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You too?  

Same for me. I am inoperable, found last month  


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Posts: 2178
Joined: Mar 2010

I'm not inoperable yet (though any surgery would take many, many hours because of all my adhesions.)  My surgeon at MSK wants to watch, hoping the growth will be slow, and also under the assumption that more spots will start to grow.  He'd rather go in as few times as possible (and this new growth is separate from the tumor he removed last year, even tho they all originated with the same cancer.)  Ugh and damn.

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Joined: Feb 2015

Just missed you by a day or two our last rounds of surgery in September 2016. 

I will probably do my chemo in Westchester when the time comes, easier to get to. 

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I hope they can come up with some meaningfull treatment, Wishing you well, Ron.

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As Trubrit said, the thought of it is always there but nothing can prepare you enough to hear those God awful words again.   Well wishes!

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Joan M
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Joined: Oct 2016

Hopefully it is a slow growing cancer as you said, and they can get it with surgery.  Sounds like your doctor is pretty confidant about surgery helping your case.  That is definitely in your favor for a possible cure or long term survival.  It gets scary when they tell you they can't operate, but even then many people are surviving for years with just chemo.   Guess we are all lucky for the medical advances in cancer treatments. 

Keep fighting and enjoy the time you have! 

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Wishing you the best outcome, and hoping these immunological treatments we keep hearing about, become available for CRC patients soon................................Dave

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Hi, I just popped on to see how everyone is doing and I'm really sad to read this post.  Man, give me a break!!!!  I double those profanities! Helen

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