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The fun never ends...

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Just got out of the hospital the other day after being in for two weeks. I had septic shock. They figure it was from my colon being so irritated from not being used since the illeosomy that it turned mocroscopcally porous and allowed bacteria into my bloodstream. I had four different bacterias that are all related to the bowels in my bloodstream. I still feel like I got the crap kicked out of me. I have no energy and am so weak. Tomorrow I have to go back to the hospital to get the drainage tube they put in my kidney removed. 

Here's the best part. Earlier on the day my daughter took me to the hospital my husband had a heart attack and I'd taken him to the hospital. I felt fine at the time, this happened very suddenly. He's been in ever since and is waiting to get a triple bypass in two days. I need to get strong enough to take care of him once he's home which could be later on this week. They ship them out in four days.

I can barely take care of myself right now and I'm terrified I won't be able to look after him properly. My daughter has been looking after our dogs and the house while we were both hospitalized and me since I got home but she has to go back to work tomorrow.

I'm just dumbstruck that we both had to be taken to emergency on the same day. What are the odds? I'm seriously wondering why I can't catch a break. I'm going to ask my family doctor for some antidepressants as soon as I'm mobile. I'm havng really dark thoughts and just can't seem to get myself out of this feeling of doom and gloom. I'm starting to wonder why I fight so hard to live. That my body just does not want to go on and I keep fighting it and it's just going to come up with more and more crap. 


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Horses emoticons I know you love horses. So, here you are, getting tossed around with this Cancer, but ALWAYS getting back up in the saddle.  We love you for it. 



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