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I think It's good News

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After the CT on 8/8, I was sent in to have a brain MRI, for which I still haven't heard back.

The other test was a CT locate biopsy on the back of the right lung.  This was to be yesterday.  It was not any different than going in for day surgery: all the papers to sign, extra blood tests, insert the line for an IV, etc.  Dangers were there could be bleeding or pneumothorax.  After being prepped and propped with rolled and folded towels and blankets, plugged into the IV, bubble wrap placed under my left hip for comfort and a pillow between my knees, and a nearly 3 ft. wide velcro wrap to prevent me from moving, I finally went into the CT machine in a stretched out fetal position.  About the time I expected the RN to come out and put the Fentanyl into the IV, the Radiologist came out and said she wasn't going to perform a biopsy.  The questionable "mass" had shrunk by half in less than 3 weeks-not the behavior of a cancer cluster.  The only conclusion was there had been a bacterial infection remaining after the viral upper respiratory infection of early August; and even without antibiotics, it was clearing up by itself.

So I was unplugged, unwrapped, got dressed and allowed to leave.  I feel like a huge hot air balloon that has fallen to earth with a bang.  I've landed on this one safely, but still don't know what's going on.  I have a call in to the Oncologists office to get me some results ASAP, and to figure out who will monitor the lung situation-Onc. or PC.

As I said, good news, for now.

Best wishes to all.


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I am sure everyone else have been waiting for your response. The process is always dramatic, but so glad about the result!!!

Big Hug,


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This is great news! Is the brain MRI just routine? Fingers crossed that is all clear as well!

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Oh, that's the first line of a song from the Wizard.  That's the big Question.  I just put in the second call to the cancer center-hopefully the Onc. will call me back on this request.

Thaks for all the concern everyone has expressed.


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Great news, Donna!!  We have been thinking about you a lot.

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That is great news Donna!! 

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Such great news!

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OMG, Donna!  Wow!  Fabulous News!!! 

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just need the other one now... praying  that it is again great news



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So happy for you about the lung results. That's really great. Now let's hope the other one has good news for you as well.

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Donna, this is super fabulous! Congrats and hugs!!!

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Thanks for the update, Donna.  I've been thinking about you.


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I greeted the staff with, "I put in calls to Dr. C the past two days and he was given # and time I would be home to receive call. He didn't call last night and I want to see him today."

He wasn't in today, but I got a 45 min. appt. with the Onc. nurse, plus met with the Office Mgr. about failures to return calls.

Yes, the brain MRI had been to see if there was mets.  No, there was none.  The CT, as mentioned, just showed something that had already shrunk in size.  But Onc.   office will follow up with a CT in 2 months to make sure it has completely cleared.

I have the name and number of the Risk Mgr. at the Hospital and will schedule a meeting with her next week. The hospital has a lot of new services, I.e., Cardiac diagnostic and treatment, Cancer Center, Joint Replacement and others.  But their administrative end is a botched mess, and I've already complained to them.  Now, after nearly a month, I will find out what they are doing or have plans to remedy the problems.

And I'll try to get on with living.  The feelings of helplessness, incomplete answers or no answers and the anger and tears that come with it have really messed with me.

Thanks again.


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Great news, Donna! Let it all go. Live your life. I love the outcome this time! I was concerned and glad it turned out well. Whew! I hope they get it together.

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It sounds like good news to me:)

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Awesome News!!

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So glad brain MRI was clear. Sucks when they don't return calls; I don't think they have a clue what people go through waiting to hear results.

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That's great. I'm very happy for you.


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Donna, glad it was clear! You deserve being NED for at least 20 more years!

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Donna, I am happy your hot air balloon landed safely, with you intact !   I totally understand the frustration with not knowing what is going on, and the inability to get the medical people to listen to you and really help. It can be like quicksand, the harder I struggled, the stucker (is that even a word, likely not, but it says what I mean )  I got. 

I posted a bit ago about my pretty awful pity party summer.  This last 10 days have been a complete reversal of attitude and gratitude for life today... and what I intend to acomplish. 

I hope you are able to get your brain back in the right channel, I think sometimes the brain MRIs that I have had kinda mess up my thinking process.  My experience has been that no news is good news when the oncologist does not contact me.  But even with that belief  it never has calmed my worry.

I am happy for you that all this stuff is not cancer related, now you can get back to being yourself !!



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Sometimes, you just want to punch some doctors.  But in my experience, no news is usually good news.  When they have no money to make off of you, they conveniently "forget" to call.  I just set up my scans myself this past week because the letters that the doctors' office used to send out suddenly stopped coming when I went to yearly scans.  I guess they think I'm going to forget.  Nope.  No way.

- Jay

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And thank God you are so vigilant.  I'm sorry they put you through the torture of waiting & no phone calls, etc.  Clearly they haven't been on the other end.

God bless you,


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Donna-You have won the lottery of good news on the RCC situation. I am so glad that even though you went through that huge emotional and physical hassel, things turned out great. Celebration time.

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 So that's what the big "THUMP" was.  Glad you're getting this worked out. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we humans had a reset button? Hang in there!

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