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Stage IV Colon Cancer Remission Stories, Please?

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Hello, I had posted in the anal cancer forum, and they suggested I come here as well:

My dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in June.

He was complaining of indigestion and pain in his stomach till we dragged him to the ER. After a CAT Scan, they saw a mass in his colon (the tie between the small and large colon-I'm not very good with medicine stuff). They also saw some "spots" in his liver. He had surgery to remove the tumor as it was obstructing the colon (the size of a can soda-my poor dad). It tested as cancer with 7 out of 21 lymph nodes compromised. The doc said (at first) that he had three small spots (largest one was 3mm) in his liver. After recuperating from surgery four weeks later, an MRI discovered there were more than 10 spots in his liver (not a candidate for surgery now), and some signs of the disease in one vertebrae. He started chemo right away. He's going to his fifth round on Monday and they will do another MRI and see where we are. He hasn't had any crazy side effects (the neuralsta gets him tired for a day). Any pain has gone away. I see him and I get full of hope, but then I get in my mind and I get desperate. The doc has been helpful and he is treating this as a chronic disease. He refuses to give my dad x amount of days, weeks, months, years. We like him. My dad is 66 years old.

I know we are dealing with a beast. But we need to have all the hope we can get to keep us going. My dad is being very positive and hopeful. Can I get any Stage IV remission stories, please? I've been reading and the people here seem to be very nice. Any hope is greatly appreciated!

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A loving daughter, seeking help and comfort for her dad. Warms the soul!

There are several Stage IV survivors here. Some who have (had) multiple mets, and are several years out and running. Some post now and again, so visit often, as I'm sure they will post when they see your subject line. 

I started off Stage IIIB, and had just one lymph node involvment. Must have been more there though, as nine months after surgery and treatment, I had a single 2.2 cm liver met ablated. That was three years ago, and I have been doing well ever since. 

So, I know my story isn't about multiple mets, but its a story. HA!  I know others will be along over the coming days. 

You dad will do well, with such a loving daughter and other family by his side. 


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I don't know where you live and I'm not passing any judgement on your dad's medical team.  But if I were your dad, I would be calling MSKCC in NYC to see if you can get Dr. Nancy Kemeny to provide a second opinion/consult.  There has been numerous patients of hers with multiple mets do well with her HAI pump procedure (which she pioneered).  The HAI pump is a device surgically implanted into the liver which feeds chemo directly into the liver.  I've read about numerous patients who were initially unresectable get ot the point where surgery is possible.  No matter what you read, the goal is to get to surgery.  Dr. Kemeny also developed the protocol everyone uses now for Colon Cancer which is FOLFOX; the combination of 5FU and Oxaliplatinum.

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Hope abounds!, People have beaten it back like Tru I was IIIb but when they found it in my liver the onc said it was already there, so essentually I'm a 4. Haven't had multiple mets, but ther are folks here who have beaten it back, so hold on...................................................Dave

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My dad was diagnosed with rectal cancer in mid-July, also Stage IV with multiple mets to the lungs and liver. Started chemo on July 21 and fnished four cycles so far. Doctor arranged a PET CT on Oct. 1 and, depending on the findings, willl decide the next steps including possibly a surgery to remove the tumor in his bowel.

It will no doubt be a long fight. I have been on this forum often since July and have been inspired by many people and their stories. We will have to keep fighting, for our dads and our families!


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I had a tumor that fully obstructed my illium (that's the part that joins the small and large intestine) and I had mets to my lymph nodes (11 out of 14 I believe) and into my peritonial tissue as well. That is the connective tissue inside the abdomen.

I have had 2 surgeries and 12 rounds of FOLFOX. 

Yesterday I had my second completely clear PET scan. There are lots of people on here like me, so there is definitely hope.


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Dear Rospe123. My cancer story is on my blog entitled "How I Beat Stage Four Colon Cancer" I hope you find some comfort from my remission story. God bless you and your dad


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Thank you so much for the ecouragement! The Onc saw us on Monday (before my dad's fifth round of chemo). He said it was encouraging my dad has no pain anymore (anywhere). Also, his cancer markers went down from 66 when he started chemo to 13. Doc said that's what he wanted to see BUT we won't know till we see the scans (which will happen in four weeks). We remain cautiously positive. I'm praying with all my might! My dad keeps being so positive. I'm so proud of him.

Thank you everyone!

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Yes, from 66 to 13 is excellent. Grasp every bit of good news and run with it. 

Your dad will do well by being positive. It can take you a long way. 


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I'm not able to help you with treatment advice, but wanted to let you know that your dad will be thought of in prayer.  Hoping that his treatment and team of doctors are able to get him to full recovery.  There are many on this board that have been in his stage and here today.  You are a wonderful daughter to be so concerned and trying to get answers for him.  All the best.


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Sorry your family has to deal with this.  Definitely continue to educate yourself, and consider getting a second opinion.  And I would especially agree with the poster who suggested possibly looking into HAI at MSK. At dx 7+ years ago, my liver mets were too numerous to count.  Now, especially thanks to HAI, I am still here and technically NED.  I'm not sure if a met in the vertebrae might make him a non-candidate for HAI, but it's certainly worth looking into.  Best of luck to you and your dad.  The odds aren't especially heartening, but stage IV can be beaten.


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Keep up hope and realize that denial sometimes is the only way to keep sane.  I had metastatic colon cancer at age 23 (all of the 20+ nodes were positive).  Took out my sigmoid colon, followed by radiation and chemo.  I got well - am now 63.  I seem to have some after-effects from treatment now, but have had a great life.  PS.  I had a wonderful doctor who cared.

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My husband get his first diagnosed on april 2016 for rectal cancer stage 4. He done chemo, radiation and surgery, all in 6 months (the goal that we set with the doctors). CT scan showed clear result since November 2016 till may this year. 

June this year, he had pain around his stomach area (blockage after blockage, thought from his crohn's disease). After Dr. Order PET scan, it show the cancer is back more aggressively. Recurrent rectal cancer stage 4 with spread in abdominal area. 

We still fighting this monster, he getting better, a lot better now from the beginning of chemo treatment.

Keep the positive thingking and attitudes, stay strong. You guys can pass this hardship and we are here too...


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