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Newly diagnosed

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I was diagnosed on March 25, 2017 With TCell Pll. I took 12 rounds of Chempath, I got so sick that on April 21' 2017 i went for another round.  I didn't know my name they immediately put me in the hospitaL. I was there for over a month with a very sick liver.

I had told my doctor that I felt the same and something was not right.   The pathologist still had some of my bone marrow and retested it. I was misdiagnose.  I was then told I have Tcell NHL.  My WBC was over a million.  I am getting ready to start chopped with a e next week.  This will be my third round of this.

I apogolize if words come out wrong or misspelled.  I am having blurred vision and constant dizzines.  Is anyone else having these symptoms?  thank you for any help.

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T-Cell malignancies are rare. Very few hematologists have much, if any, experience with them. Treatment is not well defined. In which country are you located?

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I am in USA the state of Ohio.

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You have had a rough road. When You said chopped did you mean you will be getting CHOP or are you getting R-CHOP? The difference is the R, Rituxan. I had this for treatment of follicular lymphoma and it did well. I hope you have good results. 

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I am getting Chop with a E thank you for the information.

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