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Complete remission

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Sandy Ray
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Well got my PET scan results yesterday. Full remission was music to my ears. Finished treatment 5 yesterday and treatment 6 scheduled for 7/3. Then I have PET scan every 3 months.

The PET scan did show some spots on the lungs and Dr said it was not Lymphoma he thinks it could be from Chemo. I have an appointment with Pulmonary Dr Monday to see what he thinks.

Also my spleen is enlarged still but the lymphoma was gone. Guess I will discuss with Dr on the next visit.

The Dr says I will still get pretty tired with these final 2 treatments but I think mentally it will be much easier to tolerate knowing that we have seen some succes. Onc says the likelihood of reoccurrence is greatest in first 2 years. I of course had already read that. He said that my Cancer responded so well to the Chemo he feels my chances are very good that there will be no reoccurrence. While I know there are no guarantees I am definetly glad to have some good news. 

Thanks for all the support I have gotten from the site and you all.

Sandy Ray

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Hi Sandy,

I am very happy for you! This is a great result. 



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Sandy Ray
Posts: 127
Joined: May 2017

Thanks I am ready to get through last treatment. This has changed me I do not think I can ever put it behind me.

i just hope it has been used to make me a better person. I hope it causes me to appreciate life and realize those things that are truly important. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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Max Former Hodg...
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Fantastic news Sandy.

Within 6 months or a year your follow-up scans will become less frequent, maybe one every six months, then annually.  After around three years I never again got a Lymphoma CT or PET, just an annual set of labs and touch-exam with the N.P.

I too had some lung spots detected after chemo ended, but they were wholly non-cancerous.

Stay "sighted in."


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Sandy Ray
Posts: 127
Joined: May 2017


Thanks. I am ready to get through the last treatment. This little adventure has hopefully made me a better person and will focus on the things that really matter in life.

Don't sweat the small stuff!

Sandy Ray

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Great news, Sandy Ray. I am so happy for you.




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That is great to hear.  The best feeling is to walk out of the cancer center or dr.'s office knowing you can breathe again.  I don't think you have too much to worry about with your spleen.  Bill's was the size of a football and it took a long time to go down after remission, I don't remember, but I think at least 6 mos. or more.

Enjoy your summer,


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I am new to the discussion boards, but great news, Sandy Ray. I am 6 months in remission from Follicular Lymphoma turned aggresive and treated with 6 cycles of R-CHOP. Life, though terrifying at times, is Good. Best to you.

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Great news glad to hear :)

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I'm so scared  to find out .. they did the  biopsy on my eyelid the other day 

I have MS .. so all the drugss they had me on the past 20 years .

Who's know  what it did to my body .. 

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Great news Sandy Ray.

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