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Breast pain after lumpectomy

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Hello, friends

i have been on the BC board, but thought almost a year out of treatment this may be a good move for me.  I had neoadjuvant chemo, a partial, then 25 rounds of rads.  Now, 10 months out of treatment I am experiencing neuropathy in my fingers and feet and pain in my affected breast.  Surgeon said it is probably scar tissue, but my sensitivity to touch has increased.  I am seeing my onco and surgeon in about a month.  Should I mention these, or would my doctors just think I am imagining?

i am grateful for the progress that I have made, but I am concerned that my symptoms seem so minute, yet they are aggravating to me.  Will normalcy ever return?  I had no feelings of depression during treatment and for months after -- is frustration and sadness a long term effect?

i went back to work in September, and lately I am exhausted by 2pm.  It is hard to say if this is a long term effect from treatment, a side effect from Femara and now Lipitor because of Femara, or just age catching up.


thanks for any advice you can offer.  I appreciate this board to just vent.


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