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Recurrent Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

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Hi all,

Happy to have found this forum. I had my first squamous cell lesion removed (with margins) in May 2015. I discovered it after some of the ink didn't take in a tattoo I got over a sore that had been there for over 2 years. Funny enough, the ink didn't take in part of the letter P of Pain. My tattoo was: HOPE - Hang On Pain Ends. Anyhow, was above my wrist on my left arm and it was removed successfully. Fastworward to a few weeks ago. I noticed I had two new sores/lesions on same arm, first between my elbow and shoulder and second on shoulder. They appeared quickly, were hard, painful and were itchy. Dr did punch biopsies on both and both came back Squamous Cell. Had wide excision with margins and down to subcutaneous fat layer on the shoulder one Thursday morning. I begged him to do both at the same time but he wouldn't. In the mean time, while I wait for pathology report on this one I am doing research on why I have had two recurrences at the same time on same arm as the first and both squamous cell. Best I can tell from what I've researched they are both stage 2.

I am feeling emotionally conflicted about my worry and concerns because I am the first to say to myself, my doctor and others, I did this to myself. Choices have consequences. I ignored every single person who told me to stay out of the sun and tanning beds since I started around age 13, I am now 45. As ridiculous as this may sound, at that young age I stupidly delighted in each sun burn, thinking I would be more attractive once I was tan. The only way I can describe it is feeling like, I made my bed and now it's time to lie in it, I have no right or business to get to 'feel' anything about it.

What I am mostly feeling right now is: curious and hungry for information on other's experience, treatment, recurrence, recommendations! Thanks in advance and prayers and healing thoughts to everyone here!


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