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Two Days Post-surgery

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Its two days post-surgery and I want to share my story.  Back in October 2016 I had bad lower left side cramps.  My doctor sent me for a CT scan to confirm diverticulitis and to make sure I did not have a blockage.  This CT scan found a 11 mm solid, enhancing mass in the lower pole of the right kidney represents a Bosniak 4 lesion and is highly concerning for renal cell carcinoma. Recommend urologic referral for further evaluation and management.  My urologist told me that it was small and that renal masses tend to grow slowly.  He recommended we give it a few months for my gut to heal and then do another CT scan.  On Feb 10, 2017 I had another CT scan done with contrast.  Results: Subtle lesions seen in the lower pole of the right kidney medial. It measures approximately a centimeter and I believe it enhances with contrast material. This is consistent with at least a Bosniak class IV lesion and is suspicious for a primary renal malignancy.  When reviewing this with my Doctor it was decided that he would remove this using robotic assisted surgery.  That surgery was performed on Apr 11, 2017.  He spend over 3 hours on this surgery and consulted 2 other urologist during the surgery.  He used the internal ultrasound directly on my kidney to locate tumor.  He did not find it.   God had already healed me and removed this tumor before the surgery.  Praise be to God.   I spend lots of time praying and my Christian friends prayed as well.  God answers prayers.  I have seven places in me were the robot was inserted and am very sore but I AM CANCER FREE.   GOD IS GOOD!!!!! GOD IS Good!!!!  

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Great news, indeed. 

I'm also impressed that you can coherently type all those big words so soon after your non-neph surgery. That's a lot of anesthesia and carbon dioxide to work out of your system. 

You've still earned an "I'm just here for the Jell-O" t-shirt, even if its sentiment is now ironic rather than sarcastic. 

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The best possible outcome.


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JT,Follow up with scans just in case.



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Wonderful news but I'm with Iceman. Follow up US scans won't hurt just to be sure it's not back. All the best to you!

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Its amazing what positivity and faith can do!!! I am very happy for you and believe strongly in the power of prayer! Anything is possible with the help of God!

Science is wonderful, tangible but spirituality and faith also can compliment!

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One week now and doing well.  No pain to speak of just the anoying itching of the 7 incision sites.  Energy levels still low but that is getting Better every day.  Thank you all for your comments.

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Glad you are doing well in your recovery! Make sure you eat protein/foods enriched in Iron too. Need it to recover from any surgery. You are using your faith to heal, continued blessings.

Warmly, Jan 

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It's good that you've survived the cancer scare.  I also encourage you to be faithful in your follow ups.  Cancer is sneaky.  Be vigilant.

Prayers are powerful.  Take good care of yourself.


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I don't quite understand how the tumor could have just disappeared. But very glad to hear about positive outcome for you! Iceman is right - please perform follow-up scans just in case.

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I was floored. Some cancers actually do that. The immune system just attacks them and they go away, it is suspected, that's how it happens.  Kidney cancer is one of the cancers this has been documented to happen with. 

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such awesome results happened for you. Live like you experienced a miracle.

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