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Diet Soda

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I'm curious as to how many of us under 50 who've been diagnosed with some form of renal cell carcinoma (mine was chromophobe renal cell carcinoma) were moderate/heavy diet soda drinkers? 

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I was diagnosed at age 50, but the cancer had been growing for some time.

I was a heavy diet soda drinker; probably 2 liters per day of Diet Dr. Pepper. Obviously, correlation does not equal causation, but it's something I've thought about a lot.

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I was diagonsed at 42 and drinks about a can per day. Still drinking these days:) Took pain killer quite often though (not any more).

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My husband was diagnosed a couple of months ago at the age of 46.  He has never eaten or drank anything with an artificial sweetener but he did drink a lot of regular soda back then.  And, as lobbyist mentioned, he took a lot of painkillers.  He was on ibuprofen and also Cipro several years ago.  He took both of them together for months nonstop because his doctor told him to.  He thinks that may have had something to do with it but we will probably never know.  Ironically enough, the doctor that told him to take them was a urologist.

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I was 44 when diagnosed, but I did not drink diet soda.  Regular soda on the other hand, I was a heavy drinker including energy drinks. 


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Yikes, the print is so tiny as it is.

Seriously, any of the sodas are more likely to cause bone thinning, weight gain, indigestion, heartburn, or any number of side effects.

I couldn't stand diet sodas, and didn't drink a lot of the regular but still got cancer.  They just didn't find it till I was 63, and it had to have been growing for a while to have metastasized like it did.

The best bet would be to not drink it or cut way back, just for general health reasons.



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quite a lot of diet soda, but I haven't had a lot for many years. I was diagnosed last fall and the doctors said my tumor had been growing for at least a couple of years. I also had breast cancer in 2009 and was drinking more diet soda before that diagnosis. After that diagnosis, I cut back a lot.

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I haven't seen this as a risk factor. Smoking. Obesity. Working around some heavy metals/electronics I think. Those are the ones I remember. But we've had plenty of people on here that didn't have any of these and got it.

I was overweight, though. I also was a person that was probably constantly dehydrated. I've always had trouble drinking fluid. Can't force myself to do it. I'm never thirsty. I know that's not good for the kidneys. Not sure it causes cancer, though.


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A friend of mine's uncle is a urologist.  He said that if everyone drank a gallon of water a day, every day, that there wouldn't be a need for urologists!!

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I've been told chromophobe is a sporadic cancer, but I'm def intrigued by the possible connection between diet soda and cancer. 

His Diet coke consumption was excessive for years. He was 47  

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I've been trying to figure out how rare this is....found kidney cancer in PET scan after being diagnosed with breast cancer. There's not much info out there statistically about what they call "synchronous malignancies." I know it's pointless to try to find a definitive cause as cancer is so complex. But I have drank a LOT of aspartame containing soda over the past decade. 

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I am chromophobe also.  Diagnosed at 45.  No diet sodas, but tons of Advil and aleve due to migraines.  I asked my neurologist if there was any correlation between these painkillers and my cancer.  He said no.  I think maybe there is.  I'm trying to not take as many because I'm nervous it will come back.



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I was told that Advil has positive correlation with Kidney tumors but there is not enough data to say it is "proven".  But I completely stop taking Advil from that day anyways.

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I also have migraines and consumed a lot of advil over the years.. don't touch anymore and tylenol doesn't help much. Plus was  drinking diet soda for many years, way back when Tab was the thing to drink.   Who knows what caused this. Might just be the luck of the draw.

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I was diagnosed at 36, a 10 cm tomur has Been there since more than a decade ago. I was never a diet soda or regular soda drinker.

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I never drank soda, diet or otherwise. Yet, here I am.

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of diet soda and in recent years I only drink soda if it's mixed with rum, Laughing.  The alcohol eliminates all the bad stuff, right?  haha 

Personally, I think "Bob the Blob" was caused by excessive radiation exposure over the years.  When I asked my doc he said, "hmmm, that's an interesting thought and we'll probably never know for sure".  In my head, I will continue to lay the blame there but there's no going back.  But then there's so much high fructose corn syrup in everything, who knows.


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just announce that 2/3 of all cancers were nothing but bad luck? Don't feel like it was your fault. Lifestyle is very important but how do you explain Keith Richards?

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I can blame all my bad habits... smoked, drank diet coke (and Tab back in the day) by the liters, ate huge amounts of advil, aleve, Bextra and Celebrex all ibprophen (or however it is spelled) pills.  The only bad bad habits I had.  So, I should have been following the Keith Richard's lifestyle.... at least it looks like it could have been fun......... (although, he looks like he's  dead already.. Hey... the original walking dead guy !)

Seriously, we each will never know the turning point reason our cells decided to turn cancer producing.  That is looking back, and we cannot change what has already happened. I gotta focus on the now, and make my life good.


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Well said foxhd!

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Haha, Fox, that's perfect! And so true, lol.

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Skagway Jack
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I didn't do diet pop and only rarely regular pop....but barley pop I am still fond of.  All kidding aside I was DXd at 53 with none of the usual risk factors. So far I have not heard any specific relationship to artificial sweetneers and kidney cancer, or have I missed sometihng. I am sure there are some as yet unidentified risk elements.  I was surprised that there was no detailed anonymous life style survey when the cancer was identified.  Somehow i expected there to be some research being done to identify unknown risk factos.  



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I drank and ate sugary stuff until a couple of years ago! But never 'diet' sweeteners.

Based on the size of my tumour (4cm) and a total guess at the growth rate, it probably started about 6 or 7 years ago. I quit smoking 8 years ago which might have kicked it off. I was also taking some medications (lipitor, rampiril, metoprolol...) and opinions differ on their dangers. My blood was full of sugar at that time which probably didn't help.

Here's my preferred idea about the causes of cancer (likely total crap): Cells often turn cancerous inside us. Our bodies nearly always deal with the cancer cells. Environmental factors can strongly influence the rate at which cells go bad. On the other hand, excellent health is highly protective.

I don't know if sweetener chemicals are toxic but I think we should avoid any food that involves industrial processing. Eat only fresh food and cross your fingers and hope it has low levels of farm poison on it.


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