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    Rarely drank the stuff

    I didn't do diet pop and only rarely regular pop....but barley pop I am still fond of.  All kidding aside I was DXd at 53 with none of the usual risk factors. So far I have not heard any specific relationship to artificial sweetneers and kidney cancer, or have I missed sometihng. I am sure there are some as yet unidentified risk elements.  I was surprised that there was no detailed anonymous life style survey when the cancer was identified.  Somehow i expected there to be some research being done to identify unknown risk factos.  



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    Almost never

    I drank and ate sugary stuff until a couple of years ago! But never 'diet' sweeteners.

    Based on the size of my tumour (4cm) and a total guess at the growth rate, it probably started about 6 or 7 years ago. I quit smoking 8 years ago which might have kicked it off. I was also taking some medications (lipitor, rampiril, metoprolol...) and opinions differ on their dangers. My blood was full of sugar at that time which probably didn't help.

    Here's my preferred idea about the causes of cancer (likely total crap): Cells often turn cancerous inside us. Our bodies nearly always deal with the cancer cells. Environmental factors can strongly influence the rate at which cells go bad. On the other hand, excellent health is highly protective.

    I don't know if sweetener chemicals are toxic but I think we should avoid any food that involves industrial processing. Eat only fresh food and cross your fingers and hope it has low levels of farm poison on it.