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Good news about a local friend

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Another of those trips to a PC for something else.  No clear Dx so was referred to a Urologist.  He ordered a CT, called her the next day and said I'll see you in surgery in a week.  She had an encapsulated, baseball size tumor on her kidney.  Had surgery on 3/23 and I saw her at her PC"S office yesterday, out and about.

I don't know the stats on % in a population area, but that's 8 I'm aware of in the past 10 years in our small cities with mostly rural populations.

Thank goodness for other owies that cause us to go to a Dr.

Laugh of last weekend.  My teen grandson came down to visit, and went into the truck stop and came out with what he told his mom was a 'Yorkshire Pudding" for grandma.  He knew my favorite candy bar was a York Peppermint Patty.  They spent many years in a mid-east country with a heavy Brit ex-pat population, and prefer the Yorkshire over dressing for Thanksgiving.


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He woudn't have passed up a comment!! 

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Thanks for sharing this Donna. It is curious to me too why folks are getting Kidney cancer and how it is often discovered accidently.

That is a sweet story about your grandson. How considerate! Please tell him, from this grandma, how much I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Hugs to you and yours,


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