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Not just my height....   I'm done on the phase 2  trial with Ibrunitib and Nivolumab. Lasted 56 days whooptie Doo

I lasted for  2 cycles of 28 days each, 4 more Nivo injections, got scanned... and now have a big fat liver met, and a little larger lung mets since I began the trial, 56 days ago.  And I might add, 18 more big fat pounds too.

  The oncologist told me to rest a decision during the two weeks drug cleanout, and perhaps join the scheduled trial for Phase 2 of Anixitib and TRC 105 versus Anixitib alone.  Since the next in-line could be Anixitib alone, it will not be too bad of a deal to try it with something, I am still searching my options... and do not intend to rush any decision this time.


So, the  Sutent has been tried, (18 months) Nivolumab alone (12 months) Trial (2 + months).. I am at about 3 years since treatment for the first progressionbegan in Feb 2014..  I've got one TKI, one imunotherapy, and one combo trial under my belt already.  I loved being on Nivo... no side effects... BUT, as my cancer is misbehaving on treatment, I gotta move on.

Bummed. Mad. Sad. but still looking good !  If I remember, something about higher BMI equaling longer survival rates for RCC, then even off any treatment I should last another 10 years at least !!  When I get skinny size 8 or maybe 4 I shall worry.  

Right now, I am going to zen out enjoy feeling normal, and recharge.  Everybody stay well, and I will check in again when I got something to tell.



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Wait, Pam, don't go yet. I want you to get support and some kindess from our wonderful folks here! You deserve HOPE and Healing~ I hope you find treatments that get this monster to retreat.

I will keep you in my heart and prayers my dear. I am here for you all the way, if you want me to be!

Sending you healing hugs,


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Posts: 111
Joined: Apr 2014

Jan... you are so sweet... I did not mean signing off the site... I meant I will get vocal when I got something more to share... I gotta keep reading about everyone here, as I need the contact.

I do not intend to let myself worry (waste of time) I just plan to keep feeling norma l(that is no treatment) until I have to tell the oncologist my decisions about the new trial he wants me to join. I jumped fast the last time... and flunked out   days later.. . every step foreward in trial land seems to make me get rejected for new ones.  (like previous tkis, previous imunotherapy) Tough choices.

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Only words and thoughts of encouragement for you, Pam.


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cheering and wishing you all the best in your new treatment.  You sound very positive and clear headed, you will surely make the best decision for you. Sending you healing thoughts and a hug

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Hang in there, Pam! Hoping that your next treatment is the one for you! We are cheering you on!



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Tough old broads like you frustrate cancer. I'm glad treatment options remain. You've handled the pressure well. Sometimes finding an effective treatment is a crapshoot. Take time and recharge during your treatment break. You'll be ready for the next route.

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Posts: 111
Joined: Apr 2014

All of you have given me a boost, I needed it.  And as usual, Fox puts it over the top.  I have been called tough before, but never with the old broad added.

Totally has me laughing !! 

Thank you all, Jan you are always so huggie, and I felt a good one this time.  Marosa and JoJo, I appreciate you two, you are like my own  cheerleaders , and Stub, thank you for thinking of me. 

I'm good now, and in about a week, ready to make noise... meanwhile I will FLY.




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I hope your sabbatical from the treatment is an opportunity to do something special for yourself. Thinking of you...

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Pam, your sence of humor and strength are tremendous! And I admire your ability not to worry too much.  you are true inspiration!

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So happy things are going well!  Enjoy!


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