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Waiting for Whole Body Hyperthermia

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Greetings from Germany. Well! I've been here a week and today I will be getting whole body hyperthermia. Up to this point, my treatment has consisted of local hyperthermia every day, targeted at the areas where lymph nodes lit up on my scan Along with infusions of vitamins C, Bs and other supplements  to strengthen my immune system. I also get massages twice a week and have an exercise session scheduled twice a week. immediately on arrival I was whisked to the lab for bloodwork, had an ekg and was checked for lung function. After Dr. Herzog reviewed all of my information I was qualified for whole body hyperthermia in conjunction with low dose chemo consisting of carboplatin and cytoxan. One interesting note... while my scan report indicated hypermetabolic activity within my right supreclavicular lymph node, the scan image showed it was my LEFT node.

While the local hyperthermia takes an hour, the whole body hyperthermia process will take about 4 hours. I will be sedated for it. My body will be heated to just over 107 degrees. Just before that temperature is reached, the chemo will be administered. My body will stay at that temp for about an hour, then will be allowed to cool down. During the process i will also be receiving 4-6 liters if I've fluids to keep me hydrated.

i'm a little apprehensive but frankly, the early morning enema I had to endure is probably the worst part of the process. Not the best way to start the morning lol!

Helen (daylady) and I did get to spend some time together which was wonderful. She will be returning just before I leave.  I definitely feel that my treatment is being customized specifically for my situation. i asked about the side effects from the chemo and they should be minimal. They doubt that I will lose my hair. 

So I am off for some blood work. Will report post whole body experience.





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So glad to see this post - been wondering each day how it's going for you. Good luck with the whole-body process! We're all cheering for you.

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Thanks for the report.  You've been in my thoughts.  

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I was just thinking of you last evening. Good luck!  Great news about the hair!

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So good to hear from you Chris.  Glad you and Helen were able to meet. It sounds like you are doing well with the treatments so far. You know we are all hugging you and sending loads of love and support from this side of the world.

Take care and thanks for keeping us informed as you move through this.

Love and Hugs,


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Wow, Chris, thank you for this update. It is wonderful to hear from you and to learn about the treatments. It sounds so very hopeful. Can't wait to hear how the whole body hyperthermia treatment went! 

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That is so very interesting!!!  I can't wait to hear even more as you go along.  You and Helen are pioneers for us and we are cheering you on and sending love and prayers for your safe return!  So glad you got to spend some time together (((HUGS)))

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Im so glad you are posting about your  experience. This is of great interest to me as I await the results of a biopsy of a paraerotic lymph that will mean I too am no longer NED. 

Thinking of you - wishing you fantastic and lasting results!

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Hey Chris it is good to here from you.  Thanks for the update.

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Wonderful to hear from you!

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Lou Ann M
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So good to heard from you.  Glad things are going well.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Chris, it's so good to hear from you and learn a bit about your treatment. I hope the full-body hyperthermia went well. Best wishes for the rest of your time there.

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So sweet of you to check in from Germany!  I am glad you were able to meet up with Helen.   



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I read your updated post before this one, so I know things went as well as could be expected. Glad you are updating us one step at a time. This is such good information for us all, and your experience is definitely helpful. I'm also happy that you got to be Helen and that she is going well.



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