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Any UPSC 1a who did observation rather than chemo/radiation

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Donna Faye
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There appear to be so few 1a UPSC that I have been able to find in the reserch or on this board.

If you were a 1a and decided to skip treatment, please let me know. At 77, I am really wondering 

if I want to do this. 

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Donna Faye
Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2017

Am back on my original post from Jan. 2017. Had a 6mo. check up 2/13/18 and 2 tiny lesions found on vaginal wall - not the cuff where the brachy was aimed. Nothing showing anywhere else so now begin 7 March, 25 rounds of external pelvic radiation then 5 internal where they hope will sap the 2 lesions w/o hitting the cuff area already radiated. onc has tlaked me into starting the cisplatin on March 13 - she says low dose to enhance the radiation effect. I have weighrd all the facts and will try the chemo but not sure I will go 5 treatments. Too many side effects for someone my age.  Once again I celebrate a BD finishing cancer treatment. April 8 !!! 78 years on this earth!  

Knew recurrence was a high probability but know we all hope it will not happen.  I read this site often to help me decide what I want to do as you are all in the field - not in the general's chair.


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I'm sorry to hear of your recurrence.  That UPSC is sneaky stuff!  I was diagnosed Stage II, UPSC in August of 2015 and had three chemos.  I am on a six month schedule which is coming up soon.  I'm hoping this new treatment will take care of it for you and your birthday wish will come true!!

Good luck!



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Donna, I am so sorry to hear of your recurrence. Your original post was so helpful to me when I was first diagnosed with Stage 1a UPSC. At that time, I was also unsure whether to go with chemo/brachy, or observation only. I decided on treatment, as my final pathology report showed a separate primary cancer of ovarian serous, early stage. Hugs to you, too, and stay strong! Sending many positive thoughts your way.

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that you search by Title and type in Research study on UPSC. I posted this study and it will give you information about various treatment outcomes- all evidence based- for the different stages of UPSC.  I hope this helps. Personally, I would have chemo for this nasty and insidious disease (I did for stage 3a).  I will never forget my gyn onc telling me early on: “Most of the women I see have UPSC or another type II uterine cancer.  I have seen women who were diagnosed with stage 1 or stage II cancer die very quickly, while other women with advanced stages ( ie, stages 3-4) live a long time with or without cancer”. Do whatever you can to reduce a chance of recurrence.

Warm Wishes,




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Donna Faye
Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2017

Thanks all for your replies and encouragement. I have decided to try the cisplatin - low dose on Tuesday March 13. I think the fact that this has recurred so quickly sort of took away my fighting spirit as I feel great and have had no signs. Also, it is in an unusual place so radiation internal will be very iffy as already had 5 brachy. However, both docs believe this is the best way and becuse so small, feel it might make a big difference. At 78, I don't want to make myself sicker as have seen many try and fight when enjoying the days might have been a better choice. As each of you have said, we each must choose the way that is best for the person and the life she wants. I was so blessed 21 years ago to beat stage lll BC and get to see my children and grandchildren grow and make wonderful memories with me. So, am at peace with whatever comes but will try and knock this back for some years. Will keep you posted.


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