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Newbie here

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Just found this place, getting the feel of it.

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Nobody bites so just let us know what you are looking for. 

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Hi I had my first ever bone marrow biopsy last week and was told on Friday that I have lymphoma but that it will be another couple of weeks before they know more about what type of lymphoma that I have. What as someone newly diagnosed should I be doing? I wanted to research more about what I have, but have quickly discovered that there are numerous types of lymphomas. Although I like to know as much detail as possible, I find myself handicapped with respect to all this new medical terminology - my background is in mathematics, engineering and physics, however I prefer knowing as much detail about a subject as I can get. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome! Since your prognosis could run the gamut from excellent to poor, there is little use performing any research until you receive a final report on the pathology. Since lymphoma is extremely difficult to diagnose, a second opinion (in the US, preferably done at a National Cancer Institute deisgnated cancer center) may well prove to be a life saver. It was in my case. When you have the final report, please consider starting your own thread, as your posts may well be lost in this one.

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