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Any Keytruda info greatly appreciated

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My husband had his first treatment. He is experiencing multiple side effects, will they subside? He is about to have the second round. Thanks in advance

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Hello. I am in a clinical trial for Keytruda use for small cell lung cancer.   I have had 3 treatments so far. I have had little to no side effects that subsided before my next treatment. After my first cycle I had a bit of rash. After my second cycle I had a small flair of arthritis which may not have had anything to do with the treatment. I hope things go well for you and your husband. 

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My husband seems to be having different symptoms with just the first treatment.  Joint pain. Night sweats.  He  has nsclc. With Mets to liver and brain.  He has had gamma knife to radiate the very small lesion fount in his brain.  I'm hopeful that second treatment, which is this Friday will be easier.  I am sending good thoughts to you as well. Thank you for responding

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I am curious how long you have been on Keytruda?

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I am curious how long you have been on Keytruda?  Are you still on it?

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where are you having your trial at? My husband had small cell that returned they want to do a trial of Topken and target therapy together it is Maryland. are you doing the Keytruda through IV or oral? any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I hope all is going well... I am on a Trial with Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) .. 7 treatments done.. tell your hubby the side effects are worth it.. seems to be working well.. Good luck and look after yourselves..

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I experience side effects but thankful they are not severe. Back pain more so at night. Hot flashes (I didn't have before I started treatment). Rapid heart beat almost daily. 

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I take Keytruda for NSCLC and I have side effects that just show up and just as fast go away.  I am on my 7th treatment and noticed that some of the side effects namely shortness of breath are occurring more frequently.  I use a rescue inhaler but it doesn't help.  Any suggestions?  SOB makes me anxious.  Thanks

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My father had Keytruda and Chemo together in a combination. His Keytruda has no side effects, but the chemo made his not hungry and his white cell count dipped in between treatments causing him to have blood transfusions and hospital stays. I will tell you COMMUNICATION with the oncologist and their team is the most important. Make sure that you track his symptoms and his weight loss/gain and when it becomes odd to you, speak up. He will be too sick to be his own advocate, so you will need to!!

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My husband has been on Keytruda  since June 2017. His last Pet Scan in December had good results for him. His next Pet Sca will be this next month March 2018. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone more distance with Keytrud. 

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My sister has been on IV Keytruda every 3 weeks since December 2016.  She's had good response.  She states that her main side effect is being tired.   It has also affected her thyroid and she now takes thryroid medication.

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I started Keytruda in November 2019 and for three weeks had no negative side effects. The day of my 2nd infusion I was told that my blood sugar was high, but the infusion was completed. Two days later during a quick visit to my sister I began to feel quite badly and had blurred vision. I went to the emergency room and was admitted to the ICU with blood sugar of 1000. Seems that Keytruda attacked my pancreas. I'm now a type 1 diabetic and stopped infusions. This said, I'm rather luckily in that my lung cancer was isolated and was treated successfully with spot radiation - the Keytuda was to treat possible Mets not seen. A second CT scan 4 months later showed no new cancer. 
So, would I do Keytruda again? If cancer returned, yes I would. 

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I am currently on Keytruda. I get the 3rd infusion tomorrow. I experienced joint pain after the first infusion, which subsided. I do have shortness of breat and a cough. i will speak with my Oncologist about it. 

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My mom just started Keytruda after pnumonia. It has really sapped her Energy. Now for the first time she is on o2.  Doctors say this is a good match for her cancer. Pancoast tumor. Chemo and radiation prior. Cancer better condition worse. Prescribed streriods. hoping a side effect that will pass. Any insight? 

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My wife has been on Keytruda (every 3 weeks) and has considerable fatigue and she has to lay down or sleep 12 to 14 hours a day sometimes.  We don't know if the fatigue is caused by Ketytruda or by her medications or a combination thereof.  Does anybody else have considerable fatigue?

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Wondering if anyone else has had the experience of unctrollable muscle spasms or twitches after keytruda infusion. My dad had gone through 2 treatments and it was discontinued due to the effects of severe weakness and fatigue. He has since developed spasms/ twitching all over his body that are uncontrollable. He has fallen 3 or 4 times. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or has heard of side effects appearing or continuing once chemo/ meds have been stopped. His last treatment on Keytruda was Nov, his last treatment in general was Feb. Doc decided to give his body a break.

TIA for any input.

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