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I like it

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Some guy suggested that I swallow a bag of popcorn kernals right before I die. Then when I'm creamated I can go out with a bang. If only I could pull it off.....hmmmm..

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I can just picture the mess I love it that is one way to not be forgotten.


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Darn, Fox --

Since there's no preheating involved once one's body is in there and the temperature's somewhere in the 1200 to 2000 F range, mostly it's vaporization / oxidation.  I think those poor little kernels won't have much of any opportunity to puff up.  So... PFFT will be more like it. 

There's lots of stuff that really does go BANG in there, but nobody wants that to happen. Folks working or observing can get done in, which is seriously uncool. 

So, we'll have to figure other ways to (eventually) go out with a bang without the risk of taking others with us...

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Thanx for the laugh. 

A popcorn treat for the funeral director.

Have a wonderful Christmas season, happy to hear from your other posts that you are pain free & enjoying yard work.


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Funny, Fox, Funny - Are we having a gallows humor day? Given our situation you find your humor were you can. - BDS   

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You might just have a kernal of a good idea there. But dont go popping your clogs any time soon.


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Good One!


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LuvUlots, JAN

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Hahahaha! Love it, Foxy!



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Probably need a little oil too so the kernals can pop. Otherwise the kernels will burn without popping.





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Let's postpone that snap crackle and pop event for quite a while, shall we? :)

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