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Hi Everyone,

I had a full hysterectomy on Oct. 31 after Biospy showed cancer in the uterus. During surgery, they also found cancer on one of my ovarise. My doctor stated she got out all the cancer she could see, but need to go through chemo to make sure it is not in any cells. She also stated the cancer i had was very aggressive.  I start chemo on Monday.  I have had a positive attitude since finding out my diagnosis. I believe and trust in God and am looking to talk/share with others that are also going though this process.  

I am married and have a 9 year old girl. I was a special education teacher but am currently off due to the hysterectomy and will continue to be off while doing chemo. It was very sad to go to say goodbye to my students that I will not be returning this year. I am used to being a very busy- do it myself person. I am now being humbled to ask for help, or let others help me.


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    Welcome, Sue

    I always say this with mixed emotions.  I'm so sorry you have the need to be here but glad you found us so early in your treatment.  I know how hard it is to imagine this but for most of us, chemo was very doable and not nearly as bad as expected.  Lots of people are here on this very active board to guide and help you on your way.  Good luck, come often, ask lots of questions and read old posts.

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    So sorry

    So sorry you have to join this club no one really wants to be part of.  I am glad you found your way here though.  This,is a great group of ladies that will give you comfort, support information,and advice.  My source of strength has also been my believe in God.  Early on a friend told me that is He doesn't take this from you, He will go through it with you.  Sending you hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Hi, Sue

    Welcome to the board.  You'll find ladies here in all stages of treatment, including chemo.  Check out the thread "Ladies Going Through Chemo."  It has a lot of good information on what others experienced and what helped with side effects.  

    Asking for help was one of the hardest things that I had to do after I was diagnosed.  I am also a very independent, I-can-do-it-myself type, so it was difficult to allow others to help me.  However, as someone from this board told me early on, letting others help is a gift you can give to them.  

    Everybody differs in their response to chemo.  Here's hoping you have an easy time of it.


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    Hi Sue.  Im glad you you made

    Hi Sue.  Im glad you you made it to our group.  Sorry you have cancer.  God was an important part of my process.  I couldnt have done chemo without Him. 

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    Welcome Sue,

    Just wanted to pop on and say Hi and let you know we'll be thinking of you on Monday when you start Chemo... I hope you'll imagine us pressing in and giving you healing (((HUGS))) keep us posted - we're linking arms and praying you have peace for the journey and light for your way <3<3

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    Welcome to the group, Sue!

    Welcome to the group, Sue!  Everyone reacts differently to the chemo and I truly hope you have an easy journey.  We're here and we care!



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    Medical Records

    Hi Sue! Good luck're probably already on your way there! You probably won't notice the side effects from the chemo till Friday or Saturday, so I'm sure you'll do ok today.

    I just wanted to mention you may want to ask your oncologist for a copy of your pathology report so that you can refer to it in the future and understand all the specifics of the cancer you have. It comes in real handy when you need to see other doctors or need to make decisions about your treatment.

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    Welcome Sue! I'm so sorry you

    Welcome Sue! I'm so sorry you had to join. I'm a retired teacher and I know how you feel leaving your students only part way for the year:( I'll bet they will have you in their prayers. I can't add much to what the others have said. They have all given good advice. We will all be here for you during your journey!

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    Hi Sue, I agree with MABound

    Hi Sue, I agree with MABound about getting a copy of your pathology report in order to help guide your research. The type of uterine cancer you have, the stage and and the grade is really important to know.

    My experience with both chemo and radiation was relatively drama-free. I had very minor side effects and was able to continue working full-time (desk job) through both. The best advice I received was 1) stay hydrated - if you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated, 2) keep moving - even if it's only a few steps - do it, 3) eat high protein meals - your body needs the protein to recover properly, 4) take probiotics during radiation - they help with keeping you regular, 5) take Miralax during chemo, it helps keep you regular and 6) stay positive - you can't control much about what is happening to your body but you can control how you react to it.

    Wishing you strength and peace, Kim