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Joined: Feb 2016

I was just wondering if you all still get pain on occasion? Nothing major but little pinches and stabs briefly here and there? I am ten months out from partial nephrectomy. I just had my CT and got the all clear a little over a month ago.

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Joined: Sep 2016

It has just been three months for me and still have occational pain or pinches from the incision.

icemantoo's picture
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After the pain goes away there is a certain amount of discomfort which lingers.




Posts: 331
Joined: Nov 2016

And I also have pain from time to time.

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Joined: Jul 2016

A little over three months out and I have what I would call discomfort rather than pain.  Thanks for your input, Iceman. 


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Yes I had lingering jabs for over a year. I think the body just takes a long time to heal inside.


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I also had discomfort for quite a long time....years.  The only way I could describe it was my affected kidney felt like "the size of Texas".  I discussed this with my surgeon at the one year appt and he said that a lot of his patients have mentioned discomfort, even at the two year appt and he wasn't quite sure if the sensation dissipated after that or if his patients just adjusted to this new norm and never mentioned it again.

Obviously, I can only speak for myself, I still have times where I have some discomfort, but not like the first couple of years.  (my surgery was Oct 2012)

Hope this helps,


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Probably NERVE ending pain as they have been CUT for surgery. Lazer light therapy helps in healing scars on the inside.

Sorry its lingering..

Here's a gentle hug,


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