and now...enter breast cancer

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On my last CT, the eagle eyes at Roswell in Buffalo, NY, discovered that "something looked different in my left breast". It has been known that I have PET scan activity "in the mammary chain from metastisized uterine cancer". But low and behold, this small mass was found right next to a uterine metz mass turns out to be a new breast cancer. The second primary cancer has kicked me out of the MATCH Trial that I was up for - but curiously, the entry medical tests for the trial was why I had the CT in the first place - so it's the ealiest of days for the breast cancer. I will have a lumpectomy Oct 11th. It was also discovered that the affected axillary uterine metz cells are showing brCA2 mutation - also a test result that would not have been done if I hadn't been applying for the trial.

So - now that I have been found to have the mutation, that has put me in line for this relatively new targeted oral chemo called Lynparza (olifarib). Divine intervention. I've been on the drug for 1 month. It has some pretty profound side effects - namely diarhea and nausea - but who hasn't lived with that their entire life since cancer? I can live with it - as long as I can LIVE with it! 

1. Did anyone get a second primary cancer after uterine?

2. Is anyone out there on the Lynparza? (8 capsules, twice a day - 16 total!)

Thanks in advance, xoxox my warriors,




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    Wow, you are such an inspiration!

    Billie, wow, you are such an inspiration to see the silver lining in what you just experienced. Uterine cancer is my second primary cancer and I have no experience with Lynparza but wanted to wish you all the best of luck on this new journey you are facing. If you feel up to it, please keep us updated on how the Lynparza is working for you. Wishing you strength and continued hope, Kim

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    I agree with you, Kim.

    I agree with you, Kim.  Billie and Lou Ann are truly an inspiration to me!

    Billie, I am so sorry to hear about the breast cancer. As you said, it was caught very early, so I hope it gets knocked out quick

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    Billie, So glad they caught

    Billie, So glad they caught the breast cancer early! You are an amazing fighter and your attitude will get you through this next battle. I hope your side effects level off and you don't get any new ones to deal with. Please keep us updated on your progress!

    Love and Hugs,


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    So sorry to hear this, but so

    So sorry to hear this, but so glad it was caught early.  It's funny how things work out,sometimes. Good you were having the test or it may not have been caught so early. 

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Uterine cancer is my second

    Uterine cancer is my second primary cancer.   I am glad your breast cancer was caught early and love love love you attitude.

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    No one should have to fight this war on more than two fronts!  Though as everyone has said, it appears you caught it early.  And now you are on the forefront of new treatment with the Lynparza.  You have my utmost admiration and continue to inspire.  Fight on!

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    Chicken or the egg?

    Billie - My uterine and breast cancers were diagnosed 4 days apart.  I have no idea which one came first but I was told that it is not unusual for a woman to have both breast and endometrial cancers over the course of her life.  My endometrial cancer was early stage low grade endometroid adenocarcinoma.  I have a really good friend who also got the 2-fer.  Like me, both of her cancers were diagnosed early.  In hindsight, I guess there are some silver linings to getting them both diagnosed at the same time.  I can't imagine being in your shoes and being treated for one and then having to face another.  Arghhh.   My best wishes to you as you deal with this. 


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    Not Fair

    It is so unfair.  I am thrilled, however, you caught it so early.  No words of wisdom as you seem to have your act together and ready to fight the beast.  God bless you, dear lady.  We are here for you.  


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    I'm so sorry,  Billie,  but

    I'm so sorry,  Billie,  but talk about making lemonade out of lemons.   I hope this new treatment has positive results.   Please keep us updated!  (((Billie))) 



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    Gosh I love this group

    Thank you all - will update after Tuesday.

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    Silver Lining

    So glad this was discovered early, Billie. Strange how all of this stuff plays out.

    Though I don't conribute much to this site, you have been an inspiration to me too. May God carry you in his pinions throughout your surgery and in the coming weeks.  (Please don't feel like you need to respond!)



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    My mamo appointment is

    My mamo appointment is scheduled for the day after my oncologist appointment. Praying I don't have breast cancer too. So very sorry for your breast cancer diagnosis, but glad it is early!

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    Divine Intervention


    I'm so sorry about your diagnosis of breast cancer. I am sure it is quite frightening, but I know you can beat it.
    God works in mysterious ways.  Now you are getting the targeted therapy that you had hoped to receive.
    It has shown promising results for BRCA mutations.

    Keep us updated on your progress.





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    Lynparza article

    I cant recall if I shared this about the targeted chemo? I'm still hoping for immunotherapy to catch up to our disease - - but in the meantime, maybe this is working:

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    Bille, you're a fighter

    So sorry to hear about your newest diagnosis.  What a bummer, but so glad it was caught early.   Your attitude is amazing.  Sending hugs galore!!                                                                                                                                                     

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    Keep us posted!

    Billie, I am sending healing energy your way and hoping this works for you.  Hugs - Helen

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    Today is the day right?

    Sending prayers for your proceedure today.  Blessings as you continue to live each day.  I have found I have to keep readjusting my course but the goal is still the same- to really LIVE each day- the day we have- and bounce back as soon as I can from unexpected info to get right back to LIVING and looking for each blessing, each miracle in every day.  (((HUGS)))

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    Billie, So sorry for your

    Billie, So sorry for your breast cancer diagnosis, but what a great attitude you have!  I hope all went well today with the lumpectomy.


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    You're a strong woman, Billie

    You're a strong woman, Billie. I admire your strength and perserverance.

    Praying that your treatment yields good results and minimal side effects,

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    Another 2-fer

    I too have two primary cancers -  breast (IDC Stage II) and USPC (Stage IIIC1).  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015 and USPC in Sept. 2015.  Certainly was a gut punch!

    Have they mentioned mastectomy rather than lumpectomy because of the BRCA2 mutation?  Just curious as it seems most with this mutation (either 1 or 2) go the double mastectomy route.   Though it does also seem to me that they try very hard these days to lead you to lumpectomy so as much breast tissue as possible can be preserved.

    You certainly have a fantastic attitude and amazing strength!  Many prayers for you!