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Will Doran
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Joined: Sep 2015

To all,

Here comes November again.  Time to start growing Beards and Mustaches for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  I started my "Stash"as of yesterday. 

Best Wishes to all


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This is the first time I hear the word Brovember. Though I do not know its meaning, I think you were referring to Movember, our event involving the growing of moustaches (in November) to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Well,....... I am already excusing myself from shaving everyday under the disguise of the event. It started last year and I am not sure if ever I return to the routine of the businessman; clean-shaved, tied suits and cravat.

Lets grow it long enough to be seen from the moon. Lol


Will Doran
Posts: 207
Joined: Sep 2015


Around here (Central Pennsylvania, USA) I have also heard Movember refered to as Brovember.  Meaning we are all brothers in this battle.  At least I think that's why it's called that.  I guess I've gotten used to that name and just used it instead of Movember.   I was refering to beards for Movember.


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And my wife won't let me grow the beard long enough to braid. I'll have to think of something else.

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