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Newly Diagnosed, Have Some ?'s

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Hi there, 

I was just diagnosed with Bladder Cancer on Wed (2 days ago). I have a low grade, non-invasive Stage 1, I believe. I have to get checked every 3 months. What can I do and what should I not be doing? For ex., can I clean my cat litter boxes, feed the backyard birds, collect leaves to compost & clean up back yard? Do I have a weakneed immune system now, must I stay away from "germs"? This is a serious question, can I clean up random wild cat poop in backyard or NO! Thank you loads!


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No, having bladder cance does not mean you have a weakend imune system.

You can get a a virus from breathing the fecies airborn particles when cleaning your cat' litter box INSIDE a room. ( outisde is not an issue)

Take your normal precautions cleaning up cat poop.

You'll be fine .... don't over-react .....common sense should always rule

(27 yr bladder cancer survivor, 1y yr kidney end stage renal failure survivor)

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Thank You very much!  :v)



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My husband has bladder cancer that has metsasixed to his lung.He gets chemo 2wkks on and one week off.Cistiplain and gemzar. Does this sound like a resonable therapy?

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Sorry to hear of the diagnosis, but hope your husband is OK.  I am not sure about whether it is a reasonable therapy.  I am new to all of this myself, and only know what I read, or what the direct doctor and surgeon say.  I have been told all people react somewhat differently to treatment.  I have read that even if bladder cancer spreads to other areas, it is still considered as the cancer where it originated - bladder cancer.  I have found the Cleveland Clinic website to be helpful and other sites that end with "org", not "com".  I suggest get a 2nd opinion if you have not already done so, and just keep reading and getting more informed.  I am wishing all the best to you.  


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