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It has been about a year in the passing of our friends

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I don't know the exact dates, but I know just about this time a year ago we lost two very special CSN members - and friends.

Djinnie and Nanosecond were two of some of the strongest, gracious and generous people I got to know.

Missing you both very much....along with other dear friends we have lost in the last couple of years. This is the very difficult part of this forum. It seems so much longer ago. But you will always remain in our memories and our hearts.



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Thank you for reminding us, Jojo. Hard to believe its been a year. RIP, Djinnie and Nanosecond...

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Tho' it feels like only yesterday

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I'm always surprised at how fast the time goes by. Jeeze.

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Miss them both so much and many others.  TW, Paula, Joey,, BlackJack....etc.  xxoo

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very close to Paula. We were so optimistic and emotionally supportive of each other. We've developed friendships here that seem unlikely. Yet our reliance upon each other for support is so special. Almost in a musical chairs sort of way. Or like the "hot potato". We really do, do this together. And I thank you all with everything that I've got. I don't say "FLY" for nuttin. I wish people would share more than be so ego-centric in so many discussions. I think that I can predict with pretty good certainty who will reach 100 posts over time versus those who don't return the favors. I guess we all cope differently.

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Djinnie was one of the first people to welcome me here back in 2014. Her sweetness really shown through her posts.  I miss her.

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I'm slowly getting around to reading the older posts (I pretty much am "read up" on the ones that load on one page for this part of the forum). It's a good way to learn of others' journeys, plus get to "meet" folks I wouldn't otherwise. 

I'm sure appreciating the special people who hang out on the forum now.  Definitely, you are all a good group, and I am indebted to you all for your support of me and of others.  I'm convinced that we humans are hard-wired to think caring thoughts and do caring deeds, even if the news as it's flung at us would seem to indicate otherwise. 


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I think of those missing here so often. Some of their posts I can recite by heart. Especially those that made (and still) make me laugh. 

I agree with Fox ... "Musical chairs " except the chairs don't get taken away. The more you visit here, the more we get to know each other...all who walk this journey side by side... May as well talk to each other.. Don't you think.?

the cool thing here, when I think about some I can "look" them up and re-read their posts. Thank you jojo... 

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Djinnie was so special to me. I can't believe it's been a year. I miss her sense of humor, compassion, and everything that made her Djinnie. Nano I didn't know as well since DJ and I used to message a lot and got to know each other online. But he was so full of knowledge which he was willing to share right down to the very end.

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Thanks JoJo for remembering for us. To me they all live on in my heart and the hearts of all those they loved.

Life is so precious. Even when we do not touch base here, know that I think of you all fondly, so often.

Hugs, Jan

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I see that my post never made it yesterday; thank you, Jojo, for bringing DJ and and Nano up. Two very special people; it will be 2 years since we lost our Ron.

TW passed shortly after I came here but his posts were amazing to read; so much to learn from him.

on our end, I am beyond grateful that my husband reached his 3D anniversary (7/2/2013) and has been living with this horrific disease as a chronic one without all of the side effects.

Mahalo (just returned last night from Hawaii),


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The strength that I have found within these posts have just been amazing! I have great support with friends and family, but nothing like the ones from these posts who know what we are going through!

By the way, I had my cyberknife treatment yesterday for the 3 (not 4) tumors in the brain.  Hoping that has killed them or back to surgery I will have to go.  Scans and MRI in September.

                                              Love and prayers for good health for us all!


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Prayers, fingers crossed, good karma & vibes being sent your way in hopes that the cyberknife treatment did the job and you can resume the celebration of life.  Looking forward to your news in September.


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like these. Because I've made too many friends here over 5 years. And we have pulled for each other. Sometimes till the end. I believe all that karma always remains shared. It is a special love and respect.

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Dijinie was one of the first ones who greeted me, gave me hope, and helped me to smile and seize the moment. Nano was the one who helped me see this as a fact not as a reason of misery. He kept telling me this is no longer the death sentence anymore. I miss them both and remember them as two wonderful supportive positive members


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I check in on all of you periodically. I don't usually post but you are all always in my thoughts. It was nice to see blkjak remembered.

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HUGS to you and yours!


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Great to hear from you. I hope you've been ok. Thanks for the continued support. Fox.

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sorry about the small letters,but i can't type good..hope you don't mind.i need help about my struggle to fight all that is taking place with my body..i have a complex hemorrhagic cyst on my left kidney.it is 1.2cm.i have so much pain that i just can't stand anymore..can this cyst be causing this much pain?

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Please add a new forum topic so that we can try and help you with your concern.



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Thanks for bringing this up. I miss them. And TW, and Ron (who I had the pleasure of meeting in person just a few months earlier).

Also, I've been thinking a lot about my friend Tito that just passed a month ago from this disease. He never posted here, but I think of him often and miss him so much.

It's very sad to see people you care about suffer with this. I'm glad you brought up remembering them. I think of them often. Nano and TW were very helpful to me so many times. I'm grateful I knew them. And grateful for those of you here today. Thank you. Thank you.



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