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I have been recently diagnised with stomach cancer. This doesn't directly have anything to do with cancer but in a indirectly way it does I was a electrician and back in 2001 my company had been contracted to wire a department store. Well like most companies money was the main topic and employee safety was not the top concern (even though they acted like it was). Anyways, the company bean counters decided that lock and tag out (a safety procedure you use when you work a circuit you place a lock on the citcuit breaker that you have a key for that no on else does) was costing to much money becuase the electrician would have to go and lock out the circuit. So they came up with thier own plan that consited of 5 people having a key to the circuit box and you radioed them to let them know you were working that circuit. Well if you ever played the game where you stand in line and the first person whispers in the ear of the 2nd person and the 2nd person whispers in the next person's ear you will kind of figure out what happened. Well I was working a circuit and recieved a radio contact from 1 of the foreman's if I was almost done with the circuit. Of course I told him no and that it would be a few more minutes. Well it mid morning break came up , but I was almost done with the job so I decided to stay and complete it. Well about that time I felt a huge surge go through my body, it was like a hug thast you couldn't get out of. I remember starting to scream. Then next thing I remember the top of my head comming out of what I can only describe as perfectly still, calm water. As my head came over the top. There was a very bright light all around me but I was not blinded by this light. I then seen what seemed like land off in the distance and people weere walking that were wearing white. It was so calm and peaceful and love the feelings are hard to described because the peace and love were more then I had ever feltt and had never experienced. Then I was back in my painful body. I never heard a voice or seen a tunnel but some how I knew I had seen heaven of had been on the edge of being there. Years later I met one of the two men that had run over to me when they heard me scream and had knocked me out of the curcuit. I did not even remember him or the events that took place that morning. But he told me that I opened my eyes looked him striaght in the face and told him that I had been to heaven and that it was good and that I was going back. Then I went back out and started a loud heavy snoring. He told me that he had wondered about me all these years. He told me that I had changed his life and that I brought him to the lord and that he had told the story over the years to many people and that I was his mentor ( I was embarrassed when he told that). We talked for a few hours and I told him what I could remember of the experience and even though I did not hear a voice or seen God I knew I had been in heaven. So I hope my experience that I have wrote about will help people thoguh this because if thier is a heaven there is a God. I have no doubts that there is, the lord is there and he loves us. I have never written this down or told very many people about the experience. But I never realized until I was diagnosed with stomach cancer how big this really is. And I have always wondered all these years wny I had been so lucky to be alive. Well it hit me like a rock why I was still here TO TELL OTHERS OF my experience. I never reealized that telling poeple could change ther lives until I met Shane one of the men that was there and witnessed the event. I know it is the will of the Lord what will become of me. It is not so much of me going back that worries me, it is just that I will be leaving behind friends and family and pets. But they have all accepted Jesus as thier savior so I would see them again. I have never been a very religious man as far as going to church every week. But I did ask Jesus to come into my life many years ago and I hope that you will do the same.


P.S. sorry about any typos but for some reaon I started to get all choked up and eyes were watering. I not a very good writer to begin with. This is the first time I have actually dont this



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    Raw and real

    I noticed there were 940 reads on your post and no reply.  I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for sharing.  I do believe what you experienced was quite real.  I can sense the raw emotions still.  As for your current diagnosis, I hope your treatment goes well.    

    I cringe at the part in your story where the process was to radio people to tell them what you were working on.  Oh my!  I hope they changed that policy after your experience.      

    For people who are spiritual, I think it helps to believe there is indeed a Higher Power around us.  Faith and courage.  I'm wishing all the best for you.