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1 year

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So, had follow up with Urologist yesterday and there is no evidence of cancer.  So, yay!  It's been one year and that is a huge relief as you all know.  

There are multiple cysts on my remaining kidney, one of which is pushing 5cm.  The septation is thin and he wants to keep an eye on it.  He doesn't see any reason why it would turn malignant, but continued scans are certainly in my future regardless.

Anyhow, I'm a 42 year old woman with little kids and there is uncertainty about Kidney function down the road.  For now, he says to enjoy life and live.  We will worry about issues if and when they arise. 

My mom has Polycystic Kidney Disease and we believe her mom had some form of it as well.  It's looking like I may be developing it as well.  

Anyhow, NED is a huge and I'm glad to hear those words, but my case is not going to be so cut and dry moving forward.  Let's hope my kidney continues to perform like a rock star!!



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So glad to hear you're NED. That's big! I too have some cysts on both kidneys (mine was a partial) that we're keeping an eye on. Cysts are very common so my onc said not to worry but they still need monitoring, which is a good thing.

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Congratulations with NED!

Having small children definitely adds to our anxiety. This anxiety is understandable, but it also spoils our lives. Please try to follow your doc's advise and enjoy life and kids. What if this kidney function problem never happens? All this worry for nothing! If it does happen years from now  - you'll worry with it then, otherwise you just double the time spent worrying.

And nobody said it will happen for sure! Let's hope for the best. You are being monitored, that's the main thing. Nothing will go uncontrolled.

Once again - hugs for NED! 

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Is your mother's polycystic kidney issue have symptoms? Or is it just something to keep an eye on?

Hope you continue to enjoy NED! You deserve it.

Hugs the little ones for me!

Now R-E-L-A-X!!!!


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My mom has had to have a 11cm cyst drained before, but overall her kidney function is fine.  She has high blood pressure which is related to the PKD, but other than that, no other major issues.  She has been relatively healthy.

Her mother had hydronephrosis and we believe also had some other kidney issues.  

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Good for you Mel. Have faith in your good kidney. My sister had only one kidney. My mom had kidney failure. I have cancer. Both were on dialysis when they died. My remaining kidney puts out numbers like a healthy 20 y. o. with 2 kidneys. Creatinine .8, GFR over 60. So we can do real good with one kidney. Keep it healthy. I also have a cyst that never changes. So just keep your eye on it.

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Congratulations, its the nest news someone can share, May your remained kidney works properly for many years to come.


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This is awesome news. I am so happy for you. Now it's time celebrate the holidays with your little ones.



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Nice!!! Happy for you!! NED is always good news!!


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Thank you all for the kind words.  I am definitely happy with this and will continue live in the present.  Smile

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Congratulations on the great news, keep fighting the good fight.


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