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Stage 4 NED 7 Years

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I had my semi-annual visit with my onc yesterday. My CEA was still good so I guess I am still NED. The Doc says we can reduce my visits to once per year instead of twice per year. He thinks I am cured. Anyway I wanted to let everyone know that my program to prevent recurrance is still working. For those new to the board my program is as follows:

1. Exercise 3 hrs/day

2. Eat a low carb Mediterranian diet. Lots of fruit  and vegetables. Green tea and tumerric.

3. Take the following supplements: multi-vitamin, fish oil, resveratrol, grape seed extract, vit. D3, curcumin, Co-Q10, and a probiotic.

4 Avoid stress

5. Prayer

6. Visualize your anti-bodies attacking cancer cells.

I guess my next report will be one year from now when I will be 8 years NED.

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Yay!  Thanks for giving this peice of awesome news.



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So very glad you popped on to share your inspiring news, and help list. 

May you be NED forever. See you in a year. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Thank you so much for sharing your good news and your program with us. I am 4 months out from treatment and not sure if I'm NED yet but I am trying to be as proactive as possible and I am doing some of the same things you are. Not up to 3 hrs of exercise or anywhere near it but...I'll get there! The part I'm struggling with is knowing I need to eat fruits and vegetables but that I can't right now due to radiation of the intestinal tract. Do you remember how long it was before you could eat them?  

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I never had to undergo radiation. I did 9 rounds of Folfox + Avastin and the tumor in my liver and lymph node were gone. The tumor in my colon was removed surgically. During chemo I really didn't know about the low carb Mediterranian diet yet so I was eating just about anything except no sugar. Also during chemo I was not exercising 3 hrs per day. I would walk for 30 min. in the morning then go to the gym to lift weights for 30 min. in the afternoon or run for 30 minutes. I remember at the end of my chemo treatments I could barely run for 15 minutes before I would collapse in exhaustion. Good luck with your treatment!

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Congratulations on the seven years. I don't know if what you are doing will help stop the cancer coming back but I do know that it is very good to have a plan and to stick to it. I have pretty well stuck to a mediterranean diet. I eat little sugar tho I do eat a lot of fruits. My excercise regime was badly disrupted by neuropathy. I was walking approx 50 miles a week every week for over three years. I had no platinum based chemo drugs. I was initially dxed with a highly aggressive stage three tumour or the transverse and descending colon. My surgeon and onc both agreed i would likely not survive. After the gradual onset of the neuropathy (both legs and left hand) I saw a neurologist . he confirmed I had moderate to sever motor sensory peripheral neuropathy. He would not put forward any probability on cause and because he had no cause , would not treat me. My doctor suggested that i give up my walking before it killed me. I nearly died  from acute pancreatitis. It appears the excercise disaloged a small cholesterol gall stone ( my gall bladder was full of them) and blocked my pancreatic duct. They were able to flush it with saline and oxygen therapy. I lost my gallbladder. I suffer from neprotic syndrome of the kidneys now. I have had three kidney biopsies and they still dont have a dx. I loose up to seven grams of protein a day thru my urine. My nephrologist keeps it in check with cyclosporine. An earlier neph had me on high dose steroids for 18 months causing type two diabetes. I have a lot of other issues some auto -immune like asthma and psoriatic arthritis and some not like sleep apnea (I use cpap every night) . My survival has not been anything to write home about but this Jan I will be out to 17 years still cancer free. Wishing you continueed success with your survival , Ron.

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You have certainly had a much tougher time than me. I admire your determination. My only reminders of my cancer are the scars on my stomach  and mild neuropathy in my feet. You have had more than your share of problems. I hope you don't experience any more.


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Randy I follow a number of the things on your list, exercise, veggies and fruit, multi and fish pills. I also take a baby aspirin and milk thistle, which is said to be good for the liver. I just do regular black tea, but I've cut almost all the sugar out of everything, excluding the occassional ice cream, which I file under stress relief. I wish Folfox had worked as well for me as for you, but surgery got the mets so I'm over a year good and the cea is lower then ever so hopefully at the two year point, they'll ease up on the labs and scans. Your's is a great example of sucess with a stage 4 diagnosis, Congrats.......Dave

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I forgot about the aspirin. I take it also. Congrats on being NED and good luck in the future!


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