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Mother's trip?

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My mother just lost my father to cancer Last week.  This was very unexpected and he passed within two weeks of leaning he even had cancer. they had a long trip planned to go over seas. Her friends are telling her to take the trip with them. She is asking me what I think. I have no idea what to tell her. Has anyone had to deal with something like this?  Thank you. 

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Sorry to learn of your father's passing.  Your mother should go on her trip as planned.  I remember when my Aunt passed away a year ago.  She, my uncle and their granddaughter had a trip planned for overseas.  Well my uncle and their granddaugther went and from what I understand he really enjoyed the trip. 

My husband passed away 2 months ago from cancer and if it was me, I would go, it would be something he would have wanted me to do.  It is hard enough learning a new way of life and the trip just might be something she needs to do for herself.


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Thank you

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I too just lost my father, two weeks after he passed away and one week after his mass I took my mother on a trip with me and my family for a few days.  It was very difficult for her and she wished she didn't go.  I was away for two weeks she was only there for two nights.  I planned this trip a year in advance and it was hard for me as well.  Everyone around me was happ  I was not...... 

I made it work because I was diagnosised three weeks before my father with cancer too.  Stage 4 incurable.  We both had/ have lymphoma.  I still keep this secret from my family.  I guess I became a master at hiding my feelings.


Your mom will know what to do,  I hope she is on a better place and can benefit from a trip with family/friends and loved ones....


Good luck, God Bless and so sorry for your loss.


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